Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4: All Information We Know So Far 2021

Bungou Stray Dogs season 4
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Bungo Stray Dogs anime, it is a Japanese Seinen.

It is also known as Bungo Sutorei Doggusu, which got 1st aired in 2016 April.

The writer of this anime is Kafka Asagiri, and the illustrator is Sango Harukawa.

The anime also got serialized in 2012 in the Young Magazine.

The origin of the manga, it can easily get traced to the idea of the writer himself, wherein he wished to gather the multiple artists who passed away.

He wished to re-imagine those characters to be young adults and teenagers possessing supernatural abilities.

It was after the publication initially that the manga was picked for being aired as television anime.

The 1st season of Stray dogs anime was aired in 2016, on April 7.

The reception seemed positive, and this is where it got renewed for 2nd season, which too was aired in the same year in the month of October.

Bungou Stray dogs season 3 was aired after three years, and for Bungou stray dogs season 4, well, as of now, there is no update available about its release.

With respect to the above information, this article will provide complete information about the Bungou Stray Dogs season 4.

Give a read to know more.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4: Plot

The anime is a supernatural show focusing on the young detective’s group possessing supernatural powers.

Herein the protagonist is Atsushi Nakajima, and the show’s beginning, it is focused on the normal orphanage from where the protagonist got kicked out.

According to people living there, he was responsible for all the surroundings strange happenings.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Plot

With no food and to stay, Atsushi became depressed and hopeless and was on the verge of death.

But this is where his fate took a turn, and he got saved by a man named Osamu Dazai, a supernatural detective.

What next?

Well, next came in cases of the venture of crime-solving for which Atsushi got agreed to help Osamu with.

The entire show focuses on the story of how these detectives solve peculiar cases and the tension and clashes happening within the Guild, the American organization.

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What To Expect From Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4?

Every show before the sequel gets the predictions from the fans based on the last season.

The same is the case with Made in Abyss Season 2 and Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4.

The reason is the popularity and how it has been scaling since the time of the release. Both manga and anime series, so definitely the new season is on the line.

A lot has been predicted but what is to be noted here is that season 3 got completed at the manga’s volume 13, chapter 53.

The source material, the same, is still ongoing and is about to reach the climax.

According to a few, this might be used for the series concluding season.

Bungou stray dogs season 3 showed the introduction of the new characters, including Fyodor Dostoyevsky and many more.

Season 4 of it is expected to have all the 12 episodes full of high-octane comedy, action, and even romance which will feature the favorite detectives and the fight which was promised by Atsushi.

For happening of all this, the probability is quite high.

Will There Be Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4?

Will There Be Season 4

Fans always have the curiosity of whether there would be another season for the show they love.

A lot of inquiries have been received for Chivalry of a Failed Night Season 2, but the release date, well, the details of it, are still not available.

Talking about Bungou Stray Dogs season 4, fans have constantly been looking for any information which can confirm another season of their favorite anime.

We do understand the reason; after all the creators’ ingenuity with the story, it was quite loved by all, and so were the characters.

There are a lot of story arcs that are getting discussed to gain some insight over the series plot, but the question of the release date, it still remains unanswered.

However, do not worry.

We will update the information as soon as we receive an official announcement.

Is There Enough Source Material For Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4?

Source Material Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

In order to create another season for any show, there is a requirement of enough source material.

Well, one would be happy to know that with the manga series and the already ongoing spin-off for Bungou Stray Dogs season 4, there is enough source material.

But of course, just like much other anime, including Konosuba Season 3, there is still no official announcement made to date about the new season of stray dogs anime.

There is, however, a probability that we might hear a word in late 2021, and the anime might be released by mid-2022, but we are not sure.

The reason is visible to all, and the pandemic already pushed up the date of release of many animes already.

So, stay put and wait.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Release Date

With the end of Bungou stray dogs season 3, it is assumed that the producers are yet not done with the story arc.

This manga series, it has around 20 volumes, and till the 13th volume, the manga was adapted in season 3, which concluded chapter 53 plot.

The release of Bungou stray dogs season 4 is yet not confirmed, but the production period after the announcement will not take much time, as per their previous swift speed in production.

Two seasons were released in the same year in 2016, and it was after 3 years that the 3rd season was released.

So, there is a high probability for the 4th season in 2022; after all, the novel does have much more potential.

We might also hear about the official release date for Monster Musume season 2 soon enough.

Just keep checking in.

We will assuredly update the date of release.

Main Characters (MC) of “Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4”

In order to understand Bungou Stray Dogs cast, we will have to give a read to the leftover part of this article.

Herein discussed below are some of the important characters of anime.

Atsushi Nakajima

Atsushi Nakajima

Atsushi Nakajima is the main protagonist.

He was an orphan before he joined a supernatural armed detective agency.

He got rooted out of the orphanage, a place that was for 18 years his home.

It was later he gets to know that he has the power for turning in under the moonlight a were-tiger who has quite a strength and also regenerative capabilities.

Apart from this, he is one with a pure heart and has a lot of fights within if he cares for someone, i.e., his loved ones.

Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai

He is a member of the Armed Detective agency.

He is shown as the suicidal maniac who tries in different ways to commit suicide.

His dream is to die beside one of the beautiful women.

It is he who took Atshushi under his wings and helped him to not just find notorious were-tiger but also helped him to join the agency.

This character, well, he is skilled, cunning, powerful, intelligent, and has the capability to neutralize any of the supernatural power by a simple touch.

Doppo Kunikida

Doppo Kunikida

Assistant of Dazai, this character has been voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya.

He gets described as the character who writes and plans it all.

He holds the ability to bring into existence any of the objects through his writing.

Where To Watch Season 4?

Where To Watch

This was one common question for most anime, and even for Asterisk War Season 3, a lot of such queries are coming up.

One must know that this series has a lot of controversies arising, but everything doesn’t lead to perfection always.

With the season 3 pacing, many fans found different story arcs, and they were also hoping that the anime will give them more than the usual 12 episodes.

They felt fragmented, and also the mini-arc, it didn’t go altogether.

It has also been said that the studio should not create any more sequels as they were not able to work in pace and bring out the best of storytelling in order to keep the fans totally gripped.

As per a few, even the final fight scene was quite forgettable as most characters didn’t get introduced correctly.

All of whatever was said, the fans are still waiting for Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4, and once the release date is announced, we will let you know where can you watch the new upcoming season.

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Q.1 Is the Bungou Stray Dogs anime finished?

No, the stray dogs anime is not finished yet.

The manga is still being released, and therefore one needs to remain hopeful for the other season.

Q.2 Did dazai die?

Yes. He died after drowning in the Tamagawa Canal with a woman named Tomie Yamazaki.

Q.3 Can a 13-year-old watch Bungou Stray Dogs?

Yes. a 13-year-old can watch Bungou Stray Dogs anime as the topics are exposed; they already get covered by the age of 13.

Q.4 Why is dazai covered in bandages?

He was covered in bandages as he was a suicide mania.

Q.5 How old is dazai?

He was 22 years old in Bungou Stray Dogs.

Final Words

The given anime is a very strong show, and the characters are even great.

They have quite a decent arc. Even the anime did perform amazingly in the sales department too.

This entire article was focused on the next upcoming season of the anime, and we hope all the information provided was useful.

Just know, sooner or later, the new season release date will be announced, and we will make sure to update herein.

Do check-in for further updates.

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