Bleach Season 17 2021: New Season Release Date and Much More

Bleach new season
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Bleach is a worldwide best-selling manga that is considered one of the finest examples of manga with space management covering both negativity and positivity. It was written & illustrated by Tite Kubo and was serialized in the weekly Shonen Jump between 2001-2016. 

The popularity of it was not just in Japan but also overseas, and it won in the Shonen category, the 50th Shogakugan Manga awards. The anime has aired a total of 16 seasons to date, and the fans have been asking around one important question- is Bleach coming back?

Well, after completing 9 years, Bleach is finally returning, and the resurrection of it is considered as one of the big 3 titles in manga and anime. It has also been said that this anime is returning so that the final arc of the manga, i.e., Thousand-Year Blood War arc, can be adapted. So, for anyone who has been waiting for Aizen to return back, now is the time to be excited. 

Considering the above, this article has been prepared to provide complete details about the much-awaited bleach 2021 season. Give a read further to know more.

Bleach New Season Announcement

It was in 2020 March when the 20th anniversary of the Bleach project was celebrated. It was in the same month during the celebrations that Weekly Shonen jump issue 17, it was revealed that season 17 of Bleach is already in work, and it will be adapting the manga series conclusive arc, i.e., Thousand-Year Blood War arc. 

Hearing the news said above, the fans were quite excited as they were able to get the much-awaited news. Talking about the new season, it will be uncensored and which means that there will be a lot of action scenes and violence within. Further, it will be around 26 episodes that will be split into two parts.

One can even find a video related to the new season on YouTube, which announces the upcoming two projects, i.e., New Burn the Witch Manga and anime, along with the new Bleach Season. It is after all that the entire anime community has already rejoiced the epic return of the Bleach.

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Bleach Season 17 Release Date

The release date of season 17 has been confirmed to be somewhere in the current year. No announcement has been made about the exact release date, but as per the speculations from varied websites, bleach 2021 is expected to be released in December in line with the art exhibition in the Hikarie Hall. But as said, no official confirmation for release has been received yet, and any upcoming announcements and updates will be revealed herein soon enough.

Some curiosity is also about the new season’s creators, and Shueisha is expected to be the prime producer as they have always been standing by the titles they have. For the other producers, none of the data is available yet. About the studio, we don’t have any idea about it yet, and it is hoped that the Studio Pierrot will soon return for the bleach 2021 with the best quality content, bringing back the old feels with some improved animation from the past. Lastly, this season is expected to have at least 50 episodes.

Bleach New Season Plot

As said above, the last season will be adapting the manga series last story, which is titled ‘Thousand-Year Blood War.’ Season 17 of Bleach will stretch from volume 55 to 74. Hollow Ichigo has already disappeared suddenly, chaos has already broken, and the secret group of Wanderich will be now able to launch the attack over the soul society, which resulted in the all-out war between the Quincy and Shinigami. Either way, with the story ongoing with a lot more new actions and animation, the story is expected to take a step ahead and do much more than what it showed before.


How many episodes of bleach are there?

As of now, there are in total 16 seasons with 366 episodes in total available for the fans to watch. These episodes were animated by the studio Pierrot and aired between 2004 October and 2012 March. These episodes are available in Japanese as well as with English subtitles. With the announcement being made about the new season last year, a lot more episodes are soon expected to be added within the same. The anime returns in 2021; it has been welcomed by the community of anime after all the comeback of them is being made after a long time, and the fans were already waiting for it.

So, if you haven’t watched the previous season, go for it, or you can wait for the next season to arrive so as to start it all together and get a complete entertainment package for the month or for a few months.

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Where to Watch New Bleach anime?

One can easily watch the previous seasons and the upcoming seasons of the new bleach anime on Crunchyroll. The new season can be streamed here totally free of cost without having to pay anything for the subscription charges.

Apart from the above, one can even watch this anime on Hulu, VRN, and Tubi TV without any ads that might disturb the attention. Apart from this, there is a high possibility that one will be able to download it through google play movies and Amazon videos. Although for the amazon videos, you will be required to purchase a one-time subscription. This subscription remains valid for one year, so the investment made herein will be completely worth it.

Final Words 

The new season is expected to bring some new changes. It can be in terms of the old cast or some new ones voicing Quincies and Royal Guards. Either way, with all of it going alongside, there will be a lot of fun, and the fans will be more than happy to get along with episode 367 in the upcoming season.

Apart from it, hope this article was able to provide complete information about the Bleach new season. Rest assured, we will update the article as soon as any official news is received about the new season. Till then, have a great time while watching other seasons. You can even go through our other articles about the other anime to get the details of it too.

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