Top 8 Best Weirdest Movies You Can Watch In March 2021

Top 8 Best Weirdest Movies You Can Watch In March 2021
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To explore and to depict, Cinema has always been a fancy and the right language for dreams. It is a medium of visual art, and it encompasses ideas beyond imagination.

Around the world, filmmakers have been trying to revolutionize the ways movies speak, and they are succeeding in creating a masterpiece that will is bringing changes one couldn’t expect.

Shifting towards the Weirdness, some films, in an undeniable manner, push the filmmaking boundaries and the conventional ideas for storytelling and morality. The filmmakers, they create visions and present concepts that come up in a totally new manner.

One must know that cinema is highly capable of presenting the impossible and the strange too, and based on such an idea, the below-mentioned list of 8 best and weirdest movies that will awaken the minds and imagine beyond.

8 Best Weirdest Movies For Movie Lovers

8 Best Weirdest Movies For Movie Lovers
8 Best Weirdest Movies For Movie Lovers
  • Wild Tales
  • Holy Motors
  • The Lobster
  • The City of Lost Children
  • The Disaster Artist
  • Black Moon
  • Tetsuo
  • The Handmaiden

1. Wild Tales

Wild Tales is a dark comedy that takes the viewers through a thrill ride, leaving them with a gasp for air.The movie was co-produced by Pedro Almodóvar in 2014. It is a Tumultuous Argentine anthology film that is known to test the human sanity limit when it gets pushed to a great extreme.

The movie is like an exploration from the eyes of its director and writer for the proverbial veneer thin line over the human heart and its passion. It’s a perfect combination with visually dazzling parts, and of course, the theme of violent revenge joins together the six vignettes (each one starting with some relatable situation that happens in every-day lives).

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2. Holy Motors

A plot by Leos Carax, it’s a movie from 2012 that focuses on the chameleonic man who, in his white limousine, drives around in Paris and enacts a series of illogical roles/personas (Chinese gangster, dying old man, and alike). At the end of every role, the man returns back to his limo for commencing the next role (peels off the make-up and costume and gets ready for the next one).

The movie is a perfect masterpiece, combining abstraction and elision. It brings forward richness, strangeness, anger, loss, violence, and much more. The movie starts with the loose wallpaper flat, and at the end, it comes down to the talking limousine, making it a totally selective choice for the weirdest movies available out there.

3. The Lobster

It is one of the latest movies released in 2015 that has been made by one famous Greek Director, Yorgos Lanthimos. The movie might sound weird with the plot, but that what makes it a right fit.

The plot of this movie is a bit astounding as it shows the near-future society living people who got 45 days to either find love (a true love) or they are to be transformed into any animal of one’s choice and then made to wander, forever alone.

One another weird thing that one would find here is that the characters herein are very weirdly emotionless, and as per them, romance isn’t passion; it’s statutory and is meant just for fulfilling requirements. 

The director herein has put in a lot of effort, and the way he tried presenting the story is totally new and completely surprising.

4. The City of Lost Children

Herein within this science fiction, described is a story of the futuristic scientist who is seen kidnapping the kids and then stealing their dreams. In a way, the essence of this movie is elaborate and the ones made in the early 1990s.

From the extraordinary visual style to the amazing storytelling, the visual experience presented herein is quite unparalleled. One will also find herein the scientist’s created some twisted creations, like the brain-like entity in the fish tank, and alike.

There are also some other things which make the movie beautiful, one of a view and quite distressing, like, the sheer grotesquerie.

5. The Disaster Artist

Available on Netflix, this movie was released in 2017. It is a combo of smart and hilarious comedy, which one would find completely impossible to hate. In a way, the Disaster artist herein work has made the movie quite enjoyable for one to watch. 

There are some characters herein with their own charm. If one carries the mystery, the other has hotness on screen, and all of these can be approached with some preconceived ideas.

For anyone who has watched this worldwide hit movie, find the concept quite intriguing and a watch that would genuinely make one laugh and laugh until the end.

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6. Black Moon

It is called as French New Wave, auteur which Louis Malle has presented well. The movie is a big proof that the 1970s, it was a time of sheer experimentalism, wherein even the filmmakers (the greatest ones) were able to fund some of the wildest flights of the fancies.

Gender and sexuality two have been the main overt of the Black Moon. It has truly been one attempt made for paying homage to some of the 1930s greatest surrealist films, and in the words of Malle, this movie is completely a homage to Alice in Wonderland. Either way, the output of the movie is quite interesting and varied for one to look forward to.

7. Tetsuo

A movie from 1989, it’s a complete package for the visual experience. Apart from it, one would find the movie a bit fetishistic and disturbing, which brings an anxiety attack through the dream of the post-technological world wherein the machine and the men were inextricably entwined through a sexual nightmare.

In short, the story is much more concerning over the creation of the human hybrids (grotesque) with some of the overly exaggerated carnal organs combined together with the apocalyptic world that was consumed with our own creation and tech.

The movie is from the time when the Japanese Film industry was said to have hit a roadblock. It was like the Japanese cinema was completely relying upon either the controversy or the shock of gaining back the exposure and the notorious faux-snuff guinea pig films; it was made during the same period.

8. The Handmaiden

Released in 2016, this unpredictable South-Korean romance is a great movie in the line. It has not just mastered the style of portraying the weird. Herein a rich Japanese lady can be seen in isolation from the world who then accepts the new handmaiden (shrewd Korean girl) who had some hidden motives. 

In short, the movie is a completely outstanding masterpiece with the right costume, timing, music, and filming. Anyone who loves movies, well, this isn’t one to miss as for achievement by means of expressing the stunning nature of the Japanese and Korean will make one scream, “Wait, what?”



Q.1 What are the worst movies of all time?

Birdemic: Shock and Terror, The Last Airbender, That’s My Boy, Jack and Jull, Movie 43, and alike are some of the worst movies of all time.

Q.2 Upcoming Weirder Movie In 2021?

Chaos Walking, Black Widow, Top Gun, Free Guy, etc., are some of the upcoming Weirder Movie In 2021.

Q.3 What is the most iconic movie ever?

The Holly Mountain, Society, Holy Motors, are some of the most iconic weirder movies ever.

Q.4 What’s the coolest movie ever?

The Big Lebowski is known to be the coolest movie ever.

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Final Word

The above list provides an idea of one’s next pick. Just make sure to keep in mind that these movies, a list of the weird ones, they are totally different from the regular genres. So, remain to be amazed and in awe of how the filmmakers have presented the ideas of the writers who wrote it. 

Happy binging!

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