Best Sports Anime: List Of 10+ Best Sports Anime To Watch In 2021

Best Sports Anime
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Unforgettable moves together with the best of games played throughout; Sports anime is full of it.

Not all would remember the U.S. open of 2017, but the victorious win between the two characters Karasuno and Shiratorizawa is not one would forget.

The best sports anime, it comes with the invaluable lessons of determination, grit and hard work, which is altogether used for overcoming the challenges to be that one athlete.

One would get the excitement and joy while enjoying the anime, which will get the viewers to go wow.

Even if one hates sports, but is an anime lover, give it a try, and for sure, you will get the interest soon enough.

Try the below-discussed 12 best sports anime and see if you can get the interest in an unexpected genre.

1. Yowamushi Pedal

This sports anime is based on the sport of cycling with every episode of 24mins.

It will take one to the easy pace for seeing the contribution of Onoda within the struggling team, even when he was just a beginner.

Yowamushi personifies the otaku (generic) with Sakamichi.

He is the perfect nerd who is also the pushover, but then again, his kindness hides it all.

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Yowamushi gets dragged into the competitive cycling world as he had the talent.

This is where he meets the people, including Shingo Kinjou and Shunsukelmaizumi, the professionals who devoted their lives, all to it.

So, what next is great to watch, of course.

2. Prince of Tennis

This, too, is one amidst the sport animes that brings forward the story of the 12-year-old Ryoma Echizen, who was a tennis prodigy and got a word around for breaking some records at the tennis championship of the American junior category.

He, after this, comes back to the Seishun Academy, quite known for its strong history of trained Japanese tennis champions.

This anime, it isn’t just about the know Ryoma but also Seigaku, and also the other tennis players who were dealt in the team and also as individuals.

Watch it, if you haven’t yet.

3. Eyeshield 21

It is perfection within the best sports anime that has a very clumsy protagonist who one needs to root for.

It has the best of actions and the best team that was ready to anything and everything to get that one space on the world stages.

This sport anime, it brings forward the Japanese take over American Football.

Join the journey of Sena Kobayakawa and watch him building his unique ability after being noticed by the captain of the football team, Yoichi Hiruma, who was at that time looking for their team a fast running back.

4. Slam Dunk

Well, this best sports anime is all about the boy who would do anything for winning the heart, no matter if it got him to join the basketball team with the aim of conquering the nation lead.

The only problem here is that the character Sakuragi, he never played basketball, and he was a freshman sensation, trying to steal the spotlight as well as the affection of Haruko for himself.

If described in few words, this sport anime is an instant classic full of jokes, reactions and speeches.

It is one of the hilarious comedy which is undeniably well-written which for sure is a favourite anime for most.

5. Ace of Diamond

This story brings forward Eijun Sawamura, a basketball pitcher who had a very unique style.

Even after he lost the final game in middle school, he vowed for coming back stronger in high school, but things change in a very drastic manner when one scout witnesses the abilities of Eijun.

He then invites him to Seidou High school, a very prestigious school in Tokyo.

Within this best sports anime is shown the hunger of being ace of the Seidou high school team.

It shows the over-ambitious dreams of being in nationals, and this is what makes Eijun work harder than before. Believe it or not, but this story is truly an excellent pick.

6. Inazuma Eleven

For the soccer lovers out there, one has got plenty of reasons to watch this best sports anime which is a great show that brings forward the impact which captain Tsubasa has.

This impact was totally undeniable, and this anime brings out the perfect originality of it all.

This show can deem like exaggeration is considering its main theme of being soccer but believe it is a very enjoyable one wherein the characters are totally out and have a relatability factor.

There are also some invasive aliens as a part of the mix, which is accompanied by better visuals and a perfect show to enjoy.

7. Kuroko’s Basketball

This is sports anime brings out the basketball team of Teiko middle school, and they are known for producing the three perfect seasons in a row.

They had 5 once in the generation players, and they were called the generation of miracles.

But definitely, there was another legendary player who was the sixth one who was respected by all.

Then there was Taiga Kagami; one was just back from America.

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As he enters Seidin high school, he meets one of the superordinary boy named Tetsuya Kuroko, who wasn’t good at basketball at all.

But somehow, because of his plainness, he is able to pass around the ball, and no one notices how the 6th player of the miracle generation was performing.

Well, next, it is for you to watch and enjoy what happens next.

8. Run with the Wind

It is yet another best sports anime that deserves the brownie point for recognizing the athletes who existed beyond high school.

Here and depicted is the story of 10 college students who finally made a decision for running the marathon.

The story might seem to be quite simple, but every single one of the student did have a very unique and very compelling story which will make one root for them at varying degrees (with a passion).

If noted clearly, not even one second of the year time gets wasted within this sports anime.

It is totally impeccable, and from the sound design, music to the storytelling, it’s all sublime.

9. Hajime No Ippo

The story brings forward Makunouchi Ippo, a guy who was a very shy and very ordinary student who missed out on most of his childhood enjoyment due to the time spent in the family business supporting his mother.

Will, it was one day when this misfit, he gets badly beaten up by the bullies and was then nursed by Takamura, who was in the gym a boxer.

The story started after the recovery when this shy guy had a complete life change after witnessing the boxing ring.

This is where his talent comes to the force, and finally, he started following his mentor Takamura on the way to become the best boxer.

It is all about determination, after all, but it gets him what he deserves.

10. Initial D

Here is shown that no matter what and how much of the skill a person has, it becomes very difficult to move ahead once they have decided that they are not at all good enough.

This best sports anime teaches that one should continue as they look up and put in the effort so that they can reach the next level and become the master of what they own.

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This sports anime is completely about Street racing which has a total of four seasons that one would enjoy and love to watch.

11. Major

Yet another best sports anime, this one follows the story of Goro Honda.

It shows the journey from kindergarten to being a professional as a basketball player.

It also brings forward an amazing father and son story to show the bond, which is full of tragedies.

How much a son can be inspired by his father can be seen within this anime.

Goro’s dad, too, was a part of the basketball world.

Well, as one moves forward, one gets to know about the career and how Goro shapes his life with all the trial and tribulations around.

12. Haikyuu !!

For all the volleyball players out there, this best sports anime certainly did not become a disappointment.

Herein shown is the story of the protagonist named Hinata.

One will find this series to be completely irresistible, especially when it is taken along with the teammates bringing forward all of the Epic moments, which will get the viewers to drop their jaws.

This sports anime is full of real-life volleyball, action, comedy, and drama all packed up within one.

One will definitely not be disappointed watching the same and will have a great time through the four seasons of this anime.



Q.1 What is the number 1 sports anime?

Kuroko no Basuke is known as the number 1 sports anime.

Q.2 What sport animes are on Netflix?

Kuroko no Basuke, Haikuyu, Free! Photo courtesy, Run with the Wind, are some of the best sports anime available on Netflix.

Q.3 Are there any sports anime as good as Haikyuu?

There isn’t a comparison, but yet if one wants as good as a sports anime list, one can watch Run with the wind, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, etc.

Q.4 Which sports anime should I watch?

One can watch anyone from the above-recommended list. All are recommended ones for those who wish to experience new or want a touch of sports within anime.

Q.5 Is Kengan Ashura a sports anime?

Yes, Kengan Ashura is a sports anime.

Final Words

Well, what can be said after reading the above list. Simply tighten up the laces, get the seatbelts and just binge-watch anyone pick.

Every one of them is exciting and with a different concept which one would love to get through. Do not wait; start today.

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