15 Best Romance Anime | Worth Watching Romance Anime In 2021

Best Romance Anime
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Romance genre in anime? Well, we all might take a little time to process it, but then again, if we can see the unexpected through it, why not expect it to be a romance anime? It is all about being lovey-dovey, romantic as well as some sweet moments when the characters come together trying to take ahead the twists of comedy and drama.

By watching the best romance anime, one can even form one personal list of favorites. The writers of the series have made sure to add some amazing lively feelings which take the viewers through the tunnel of love.

So, why wait? Take a dive right in and enjoy some good romance anime and give your heart that little skip.

List of 15 Best Romance Anime

15 Best Romance Anime

Anime seems to be the best escape for many. They enjoy every bit of it, but when it comes to romance, it is something that connects and gets the viewers involved.

The best is that one can enjoy the best romance anime at any time, get some perspective, although not much but yeah, enough to work it up when finally, the soulmate comes in life. Based on the ideas above, the below-mentioned provides the list of the 15 best romance anime which are worth watching.

1. The Anthem of the Heart ( kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda. )

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.4
  • MAL Score:- 7.9
  • Release Date:- 19 September 2015

It is fun to live in a fairy tale, but it should not impact the real life of a person because real life is full of turbulences that are to be taken care of timely.

Well, not all learn this easy, and herein this best romance anime neither did the protagonist. Her naivety, it leads her to the secret, which, as it gets out in the world, hurts a lot of people who were really close to her.

So, what to do? She gets the curse or rather a seal which now prevents her from speaking again, but as this is one of the romance animes, it pulls off a classic when she gets chosen up for the musical, and that’s where she meets Rockstar Sakagami. Now what happens next is for you to watch.

2. Special A ( S.A. )

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.3
  • MAL Score:- 7.5
  • Release Date:- 6 April 2008

This romance anime is an interesting watch. It is full of romance, comedy, and drama, and herein, the friends are seen to be falling in love.

Every single character of this best romance anime has a story to bring forward, and there are a lot of characters who get attracted and devoted to love.

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Their story is heartwarming, sweet and shows how every pair is trying to love one another. Apart from this, herein the lead pair is seen to be fighting with one another for gaining supremacy, and it is actually fun as in the end, love wins.

One would love the conflicts and drama presented here, especially from the end of Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono.

3. Weathering With You ( Tenki no Ko )

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.5
  • MAL Score:- 8.3
  • Release Date:- 11 October 2019

It is one of the best romance anime which deserves to be watched. Its plot is totally out of folklore, and there are 2 main characters who barely stay afloat when it comes to their finance.

One day something peculiar is discovered by them. In this movie, Tokyo is a constant downpour.

However, with the female lead praying, the sun did burst through the troublesome clouds and shined right onto the mortals.

A lot of question arises after watching it and also one would think about its consequences.

4. Clannad

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.9
  • MAL Score:- 8.0
  • Release Date:- 4 October 2007

It is one of the decent and the best romance animes which is full of drama. In here, there is not even one kissing scene in between the lovers here, but one cannot ignore all the drama and romance, which does give a complete rub off and helps focus on the relationships that exist.

Believe it when we say love like this is difficult to find, and herein within this romance anime, it brings out the truest feel of the sentiments of the characters. Watch to know more about Okazaki Tomoya and Nagisa Furukawa and their heart-wrenching story.

5. Your Name ( Kimi no na wa )

  • IMDB Rating:- 8.4
  • MAL Score:- 8.9
  • Release Date:- 26 August 2016

This good romance anime was released in August 2016 and is a must-watch show. There is no ground-breaking plot here, but it definitely has the best of art and the sound, which will help one keep moving ahead.

Simple, sweet, and warm, these three are the best of words to describe the ambiance created by the movie. Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana are the protagonists here who live in the countryside. What makes this to be a top romance anime is dreams, changes, balance, search, and a complete depiction of best.

6. Scum Wish ( Kuzu no Honkai )

  • IMDB Rating:- 6.9
  • MAL Score:- 7.2
  • Release Date:- 18 January 2017

Hope you have heard the word macho? If not, this show is a clear depiction of it in a good way. It does not have an ending like a fairy tale, but the connections depicted in between the character of this best romance anime is quite strong. It is stronger than life and also has some great proposal scenes.

The story is completely about teens who are trying to figure out a lot of things. It shows the intimacy, and the care they have for one another and what exactly does kills their mood at times.

One will only enjoy this romance anime if they are more interested in this perspective rather than wishing for the Disney princess counterpart.

7. My Love Story !! ( Ore Monogatari )

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.8 
  • MAL Score:- 7.9
  • Release Date:- 29 April 2015

This one show will always make one happy. It is one of the best romance anime which brings out unconventional romance and the protagonist, which is a giant teddy bear.

It delivers the best by keeping at the focal point the sweetheart Takeo Gouda who was trying to look for love and make all-around people happy.

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From providing protection to forgiveness and care, it is all that he offers, and his body has the composition of the Shrek, known for the peak performance of the male.

Well, this is not it. In here is more than enough of the eye candy one demands to see and would enjoy watching.

8. Tamako Love Story

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.1
  • MAL Score:- 7.9
  • Release Date:- 10 January 2013

If Tamako is the character, it might get a bit difficult to guess the premise. There are a lot of questions that would come upfront as one moves ahead. Like, who exactly is Tamako?

The answer to the above question is, she is a girl, an average one who tries to live every moment without thinking a lot about the future. She has a family restaurant, and she does want to nail up the baton performance.

For the love story of this top romance anime, there is a childhood friend who is totally into her but is scared to express and also, he was about to leave to study in Tokyo, leaving his love behind. So, what happened next is worth a watch.

9. A Silent Voice ( Koe no Katachi )

  • IMDB Rating:- 8.1
  • MAL Score:- 8.9
  • Release Date:- 17 September 2016

It is one of the best romance anime movies with decent romance and the beauty of art and music, which creates a great and memorable ambiance.

Herein depicted is the story of Shouya Ishida, who is a known troublemaker and loved fun. He never cared for anyone or anything, but then later, we see some twist. A girl named Shouko Nishimiya, who was deaf, gets transferred to his class.

She was too nice and kind-hearted and loved making friends, but soon then, some of the students started bullying her and making fun of her. When the complaint was raised to the authorities, Ishida gets singled out and thus left alone.

Everyone stops talking to him, and then Ishida regrets all his actions and just keeps hoping if he can meet Nishimiya and make amends but was it possible?

10. My Little Monster ( Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun )

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.3
  • MAL Score:- 7.5
  • Release Date:- 1 October 2012

The story here is about lady Gaga fanbase, and one might get devastated hearing it, but it is an amazing and one of the best romance animes.

The story of this movie brings together two individuals who do not understand the meaning of interpersonal relationships, and they are paired together.

The lead within this unconventional duo is a female named Shizuka, who isn’t bothered by anything. Another important character is Haru, who was a semi-delinquent.

He was full of passion had the rooster, the reasons for which are not known. Either way, the story is a great watch that is a completely wholesome.

11. Orange

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.2
  • MAL Score:- 7.6
  • Release Date:- 18 November 2016

If one is watching romance animes, this one story is not to miss. The story shows how we all have some regrets in life, but sometimes, some things are way bigger than it. But when it comes to saving lives, the regret, well, it never leaves.

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Herein within this best romance anime is about a girl named Naho, who gets a letter from her future self.

She, through that letter, gets warned for the newly transferred student and asks her to take good care of him and to make sure that he remains a part of her future too.

Things, well, they get heavy here, but it is all amazing, and all can enjoy the amazing chemistry.

12. Toradora!

  • IMDB Rating:- 8.0
  • MAL Score:- 8.2
  • Release Date:- 1 October 2008

Cliché is the best word to describe this best romance anime. The story here depicts the character named Ryuuji Takasu, who had a crush on Minori and wanted to get close to her.

While this continues, he also crosses paths with a person named Taiga, who was a very sweet girl but definitely a hot volcano from inside.

Ryuuji asked for her help, and she agreed to do so if he would help her with her crush. But who knew that destiny had something else planned for them.

This anime, well, it is full of romance and fun and will work totally right for the viewers.

13. True Tears

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.3
  • MAL Score:- 7.3
  • Release Date:- 6 January 2008

For this amidst the best romance animes, this is a little way more romantic. Things like living in the same house with a crush, but not being able to make a move on her, how understanding and patience it needs to do so, and also even the girl was cold towards the guy.

Well, the story here is about Shinichiro and Hiromi. Shinichiro tries to help Hiromi to move on from her trauma of childhood (parents died).

When he does so, a girl from school takes an interest in him. So, all he wanted was to open up Hiromi and to make sure that things can go right, but who knows what would happen.

14. Golden Time

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.6
  • MAL Score:- 7.7
  • Release Date:- March 27, 2014

One would get thrown away from this show when the start kicks in. From the very first day within this romance anime, one would find the thrill like the guy lost in the city, and then he bumps into another one who too is lost. Well, this was not it; even a girl pops up here and tries to hit one guy with flowers like a Looney Toons chase.

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To speak well, this show is quite goofy from the start, but it does portray some good relationships. Even characters seem to be fleshed, and everything is totally natural herein. A lot of things will appear, and it would be worth watching.

15. ReLIFE

  • IMDB Rating:- 7.8
  • MAL Score:- 8.0
  • Release Date:- March 21, 2018

If one enjoyed the movie named 17 Again, this too will be worth totally as one would enjoy watching it. The protagonist here is named Arata Kaizaki, who was a 27-year-old person who doesn’t give much revert to the claim.

He isn’t stable in his life as he jumps from one life to another, but then he meets a girl named Ryou Yoake, and she offers him a pill that will give him the opportunity to give his life a turnaround.

Yeah, well, this best romance anime is quite tricky, but then, it is all about mistakes, living, changes, taking the difficult path, and much more.



Q.1 What anime should I watch romance?

One should watch Kimi no Na wa, Clannad, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and the above said, anyone from the above list if they wish to enjoy the best romance anime.

Q.2 Who is the best couple in anime?

Kaori and Kousei from Your lie in April, Hiro and Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, Yuri and Victor from Yuri on Ice are some of the best couples in anime.

Q.3 Is Your lie in April a romance?

Yes, Your lie in April is one of the best romance anime.

Q.4 Is there romance in Shiki?

It has a hint of romance throughout the entire anime.

Q.5 Did Kousei Kiss Kaori?

No, Kousei accompanies Kaori without giving her the satisfaction of the one kiss.

Final Words

The above-said is the best of 15 best romance anime. One can start one by one and just continue watching their favorite animes having some romance.

Even if the concept doesn’t seem to be quite right, believe it, romance is a fix for all, and the story presented through these romance animes these are just amazing. So, do not wait. Enjoy the watch.

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