Top 7 Best Rob Zombie Movies From Worst To Best 2021

Rob Zombie, he has got a great musical career, but he is best known as one of the pioneering horror directors. He brings up together the unpredicted savagery and the retro grit to surprise and horrify one entire generation and the way he works out; there is in no way an average movie could ever pull that out or have even predicted for. In the world out there, Rob is one controversial figure to bring forward in his filmmaking, the modern horror.

In the words of critics, Rob is a shock director or maybe even more than that. It was the movie Zombie which proved out that he truly was on a precarious position in the world of filmmaking.

From taking Ken Russell’s style for Halloween II to driving in a bit harder for The Lords of Salem, he did bring out a huge change by looking upon a broad horizon that was totally away from the murders through a redneck knife. Either way, these movies can be ranked to the best to the worst, and that’s what this article provides.

Top 7 Rob Zombie Movies, You Must Watch In 2021

A project tests a lot and helps one broaden their scope, and when it comes to Rob, his position as on today, the negative criticism has been said to be quite unfair.

Rob, is one unique and strong voice in the field of horror filmmaking and he working hard to ensure his movies can rise and shine, even for the remakes.

So, considering it all, herein discussed is about his career and based on true opinion the movies have been ranked in the list of top 7 zombie movies, one definitely can’t miss.

1. The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem image
The Lords of Salem image

In the supernatural horror, Rob’s first foray was deceived unjustly by many of the critics in the year of release, 2012. But if one watches it better, it is the strangest and brutal film that has some amazing psychedelic visuals.

One also finds here the non-linear plot and the play of the urban legends, which is totally and completely impressively bizarre.

The movie is a tale about the radio DJ who listened to the cursed record and then was taken in by the witches (reincarnated), who wish her to be the bride of the devil.

All of this was a part of revenge, centuries-old. The film herein, it cribs a bit too hard for the baby of Rosemary and definitely takes its time to grip the viewer.

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2. The Devil’s Rejects

The Devil’s Rejects image
The Devil’s Rejects image

From Rob’s Firefly Family as debut film, the Devil’s Rejects is one that thrusts it all in the world of filthy sunlit and gritty. This movie, it steps into the sadism and the culture of the backwoods outlaw. It brings forward the baby Otis and Captain Spaulding, who take a flee from fuzz and based upon the judgement, get up the flood of gore and fire.

The movie brings forward both the 70s post-Manson paranoia and the Zombie world of Rob that exist within the borders of reality. Either way, it’s a great watch and adds up the tangibility.

3. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto image
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto image

This movie is the result of a break from horror movies full of live-action that stained the soul and brought in misery and grit. It’s a swing towards the light-hearted while still trying to deal and keep touch with the interests. It might be a cartoon superhero story, but it comes up with the dealing of horror iconography and the tropes loved by Rob dearly.

In the words of viewers, the movie is an entry to the world of Rob’s filmography. Definitely not the greatest in the world with the comedy on space, but the amount of energy and the insanity that has been put herein makes it quite a watch.

It provides the viewers with the best of the soundtrack and gives a universe run through Tex Avery’s brain. The cast did put in the effort, and the visuals are nice and poppy.

4. Halloween II

Halloween II image
Halloween II image

The remake of the sequel by Rob here has a few problems, but all of it provided him with a room for doing the best of what he can. The movies showcase mother of Michael Myers, as keeper of the white horse of the rage.

On the one hand, it was definitely wonderfully bizarre, while on the other the development of Laurie as the death rocker, did gives the zombie the opportunity to indulge in the love of Alice Cooper and The Misfits.

Halloween II was kind of an unnecessary film and taking the words of Rob, making films wasn’t his favourite, and it seemed to be bloody disgusting.

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5. House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses image
House of 1000 Corpses image

The directional debut by Rob has said to change everything in this generation. This movie is said to be centring around 4 teenagers and their gruesome fates as on Halloween eve they fall into the grasp of a psychotic firefly family.

The script brings forward quite colourful, iconic performances with the best of quoted lines. It does not just inspire the cinematography, but also makes the movie special. 

It has earned a number 1 spot on the list because of the singular vision that stands behind and gives the character of Captain Spaulding and to that of Dr Satan without providing a much of a lead or trying to concern over the physics or motive or competition with the world within the filmmaking.

In a way, it takes its viewers, through one big, scary Halloween party, leaving one terrified and also enamoured by the creatures therein. In here the scenes did come and go without the real connection, but the movie had a definite style that reflected upon music videos work put up by Rob.

6. Halloween

Halloween image
Halloween image

Too much explicit and zombie on track and forcing them to adhere to the story, these are the two problems herein this movie. The result of it was that the predetermined plot had an ultimate fall short of its potential, and the best is even after this, the movie holds the record for box office success on Labor day.

Definitely, the movie didn’t have a chance considering it remaking the iconic movie by John Carpenter and the tone of the director; it also put it totally against the series aesthetic. Even the reactions to the movie didn’t seem to be disappointing. 

7. 3 From Hell

3 From Hell image
3 From Hell image

The movie is said to be the Firefly Family’s story final chapter wherein Zombie brings up together the hefty helpings of his first film psychedelic spookiness and of the second film’s dire survivalism, which when merged together brings up a hilarious and an amazing thrill ride.

The movie shows the Firefly’s escape from the prison in the 80s and then their fleeing to Mexico. All of this is made alongside the totally new acquaintance.

The personality storyline, it is quite sadly abandoned, and one can throughout the movie feel Captain Spaulding’s lack. Even for the conclusion, it was called as one bad trip.

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Rob Zombie Movies: FAQ

Q.1 What is Rob Zombie Movies?

Rob Zombie Movies are a collection of films made by the Director in his interesting career as one of the filmmakers. The Director is well-known for the pioneering horror, and the unpredictable savagery that left one generation surprised and horrified.

Q.2 Best Rob Zombie Movie of all time?

The Devil’s Rejects is known as the best Rob Zombie movie of all times.

Q.3 Top 5 upcoming Rob Zombie Movie?

No announcement has been made for the upcoming Rob Zombie movies. After the release of his album in February 2020, no such official announcement has been made.

Q.4 Highest Rated Rob Zombie Movie on IMDB?

The Devil’s Rejects is the highest rated Rob Zombie movie on IMDB with a rating of 6.8.

Q.5 Which is the scariest rob zombie movie?

The Devil’s Rejects is the scariest rob zombie movie.

Final Words

The above list has been made as per the ratings, views and personal experiences. Hope you find it rightly listed herein while making a pick. Have a great show ahead and admire the work of the well-known director Rob Zombie.

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