Top 8 Best Psychedelic Movies To Check Out In March 2021

Top 8 Best Psychedelic Movies
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Distortion through images and sound, editing and narrative experimentation, hallucinations that are drug-inspired, all of it are used for characterizing Psychedelic movies.

These films provide the audience a realistic view but the same is totally unfamiliar and has a view dream-like.

From cinematography to music, sound design and much more, all of it are used herein for creating distorted worlds. They experiment with sensory perceptions of audience to uproot them from the reality and welcome them to have an interaction with one complete plethora of the narration, imagery and sound.

But before one begins, do they even know where this psychedelic movement began? It is from the mind, where it all begins and the perception works. It is because of knowing beyond ones’ own consciousness where one would find a psychedelic movement.

Just like every mind has its way to process the world, the horizon is big enough for exploration. So, why not dare to watch psychedelic movies?

8 Best Psychedelic Movies, Which are Worth of your time

Different substances have been discovered which help create some new experience and the answers to the same. It is all because of the huge curiosity that helps know the unknown and bring the experience out in the real world.

All of these artists, writers, musicians, they have their own way to bring the psychedelic experiences in the world legacy. Some of the geniuses have also created some great works with substances to heighten the senses and know much more.

The below-mentioned list of psychedelic movies are some example of the masterwork created and the one to watch.

1. The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes Movie
The Red Shoes Movie

This is one classic movie by Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell. The movie brings forward the best of expressionistic costumes and sets and passionate performances to present the story well about the young woman, also known as dancer Victoria Page who gets torn in between the love she carries for dance and for the young man.

The ones who continue to watch will be completely captivated by the ending dance sequence, which is quite mesmerizing and brings forward some subconscious thoughts of Victoria along with her fears.

In this movie, the technicolor used has illuminated over the characters of the film passion, and the set is completely oscar-winning, providing a hallucinatory backdrop which one would enjoy watching.

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2. Point Blank

Point Blank Movie
Point Blank Movie

This movie is hypnotic that shows the thirst of a man for revenge. From the atmospheric music to the color choices, the portrayal has been made in such a way that it can provide a mesmerizing experience.

Point blank brings forward the life of Walker, who was shot and then left to die on Alcatraz island. He comes back, though, to take revenge and to make sure that he can claim for the crime he committed as a half partner.

He sets his journey for retribution, and along the way, he meets another man who previously wronged him and stole the money and left him, and along with the same, he also took away his wife, who was shown to be depressive and an emotional wreck at that particular time totally living up in a great life for trying to double-cross her husband. This is how it continues and moves towards a slow and complete moody atmosphere.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001 A Space Odyssey Movie
2001 A Space Odyssey Movie

This movie is a science fiction masterpiece that will leave the viewers in awe. It has a combination of stunning visuals that have been combined with classic music, an experience like one will never see anyplace else.

The sperm is completely beyond from the infinite sequence, and with the light in space streaks and the dissonant chorus of Ligeti, it does produce a very intense psychedelic experience.

The movie release in 2001 leaves the viewers completely speechless and spellbound, and it has been made sure that the character played in the movie, the existential journey of the man can be covered and captured into 1 uncharted territory.

4. Easy Rider

Easy Rider Movie
Easy Rider Movie

First of America’s counterculture films, this movie not just captures the hippie movement lifestyle but also brings forward how the interaction continues along with the mainstream. This film is historic in counterculture depiction and also brings forward the drug scenes quite realistically.

By all means, this film has done an amazing job trying to capture the time’s socio-political climate. The fear of hippies with the mainstream culture, how they yearned for their freedom, all of it has been depicted within the movie giving it an intense and completely disoriented component. Here the documentary style was mixed with the psychedelic scenes, and this is what provides a better realism and providing the movie times’ palpable sense.

5. Son of the White Mare

Son of the White Mare Movie
Son of the White Mare Movie

It is a Hungarian animation that has been put forward with a perfect combination of the colors, the geometric shapes, the pulsating movements, and much more to describe the mythic tale of the superhuman strength man (Fehérlófia), who was born from the white horse. The movie brings forward the fairy tale magic by visually capturing the interest of viewers and providing them a heroic journey set for exacting revenge from the dragon that was known to imprison the mother of the young lad many years back. The mother dies, but Fehérlófia sets out on a journey to find the dragon. This movie, by all means, is one swirl of the sensory delight mass.

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6. The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain Movie
The Holy Mountain Movie

Breaking some barriers, leading the way for the viewers in the heightened sensitivity state, this is what Jodorowsky’s movies are well known for. The Holy Mountain, it is because of this movie that Jodorowsky was catapulted as the esoteric cinema titan.

Here, the film has been brought forward to show the interplanetary journey towards the mind’s secret chambers, with the very unusual protagonist.

7. The Devils

The Devils Movie
The Devils Movie

Herein provided is a sexually explicit hallucination sequence that is completely based on the demonic possessions which occurred in Loudon, France, during the 17th century.

It is one of the controversial movies exhibiting wild, uncontrolled behavior of the nuns who were known to have been led by a proud priest Urbain Grandier who gained political control. This movie, apart from it, depicts the sexual oppression effects, and the same is shown combined with the religious mania.

The scenes might be censored, but the psychedelic orgy is something one would find hard to believe. The uncut versions of the movie it does show a mind-blowing and totally audacious exploration of ecstasy.

8. Come and See

Come and See Movie
Come and See Movie

Herein this movie has been discussed the war horrors which were not just seen but heard by the Belarussian boy, who was in Soviet Union Nazi Occupation during the 2nd world war. It is because of the sound design and the haunted imagery that the viewers get to know the young man vulnerable position and the position of vulnerability he sees in the village which was destroyed.

Within the film, one would get to see the journey of Flyora, who comes back to the village and finds it completely ravaged and occupied by the Nazis. From dramatic turns to the muffled voices and the sound symphony, the broken psyche of Flyora has been clearly described herein for the audience to understand the tortured mind of character.

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Q.1 What is Psychedelic Movies?

It is a genre that brings forward the Psychedelia’s influence and the Psychedelic drugs experienced. It has visual distortion, experimental narratives, and much more to distort the viewers and to take them away from reality.

Q.2 Which are Some Psychedelic Movies Available on Netflix?

Enter the Void, 2001, SAMSARA, The Fountain are some of Psychedelic movies.

Q.3 Which are the 5 Best psychedelic comedy movies?

Pineapple express, Anchorman, Inception, Shaun of the Dead, Fight Club are 5 best Psychedelic comedy movies.

Q.4 Which is the Most View Psychedelic Movie?

Fantastic Planet is the most viewed Psychedelic movie.

Q.5 Which is the Best Psychedelic Movie in history?

Fantastic Planet is said to be the best Psychedelic Movie in history.

Final Words

Different genres of the movie have something great to offer. The Psychedelic Movies are one amidst the same, which will provide one the amazing thrill of watching something which has been made such amazingly. So, why wait when there is so much out there to watch and enjoy? Begin today.

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