5 Best Motivational Animated Movies for Students

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Who doesn’t like to watch animated movies? They are exceptionally fun and often teach a thing or two to not only students but grownups as well. Speaking of students, there’s no doubt that animated movies have become an important part of students’ lives. After all, such flicks not only entertain them but also provide some useful life lessons to them. In addition, most animated films inspire students to be good and motivate them to achieve excellence.

Top 5 Motivational Animated Movies for Students

Parents usually fear that their children might get way too addicted to animated movies. But it’s not really that big of a problem. Why? Well, simply because such flicks will encourage them to become a better version of themselves. However, you do need to set some ground rules. For instance, you can limit their screen time so they can take part in other activities as well. With that said, let’s look at the top five motivational animated films for students.

1. The Incredibles

Starting off the list with one of the best animated movies of all time, The Incredibles is one movie that you and your children should watch together. This film is a piece of art. The flick was so good that it bagged not one but two Academy Awards. Written and directed by Brad Bird, this movie revolves around a family with superpowers. The film shows how the family sticks together and uses their powers to fight evil.

The Incredibles teaches you to always believe in yourself. Also, it teaches never to feel alone and count on your family for support. Moreover, it inspires everyone to fulfill their goals no matter how many obstacles come along the way. Since this flick came out in 2004, the chances are that you will be able to catch this film on your cable even if you are subscribed to the Spectrum Gold package.

2. Wall-E

This is another blockbuster that got everyone talking. The flick received positive reviews from many major publications. It was even included in the Time’s list of the ‘Best Movie of the Decade.” Furthermore, it won an Academy Award. Directed by Andrew Stanton, Wall-E highlights how important love is. The movie is about two robots who fall in love with one another. The flick is produced to perfection and has a highly interesting plot that will melt your heart.

As you watch Wall-E, you will explore more messages that are for mankind. For instance, you will find the importance of going green. In addition, you will learn about how essential it is to save the habitat. It also tells how the careless actions of humans can lead to a catastrophic end of the world.

3. Toy Story 3

Toy Story is a pretty popular franchise that almost everyone knows of. So far, four flicks have been released as a part of the series, and all of them are equally great. However, Toy Story 3 is just a tad bit more special. The movie came out in 2010 and immediately captured the hearts of every child and adult. It grabbed a couple of Academy Awards and received positive reviews from famous publications like Entertainment Weekly and Time.

So, what makes Toy Story 3 so good? Well, for starters, the direction and the story of this movie are simply amazing. The flick tells everyone to value their childhood. Also, it tells just how important friends are. This is one relation that everyone should be thankful for. In addition, the flick teaches people how to value things.

4. Grave of the Fireflies

It is an animated war tragedy film that will bring a tear to your eye. Released in 1988, Grave of the Fireflies achieved great success and won a Blue Ribbon Award. This Japanese film became a major hit in the United States as well and was included in the USA Today’s list of the “100 Best Animated Movies of All Time.”

Grave of the Fireflies tells a story of a young boy and his sibling who got separated from their parents during World War 2. Devasted and heartbroken, the two siblings traveled alone and fought together to get past many mishaps happening around them. This flick teaches everyone to keep their spirits high no matter how difficult times may become. Also, if bad times are upon you, then do not lose hope and keep making efforts to achieve your dreams.

5. Finding Nemo

Disney never disappoints, and this film just proves how great they are producing masterpieces. Finding Nemo is everyone’s favorite. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and also collected positive reviews from critics. Moreover, it was labeled as the 10th greatest animated film ever made by the American Film Institute.

Finding Nemo is all about the love of a father. The flick also tells just how important family is. In the movie, the father sets out to find his son, who gets lost. The movie also teaches never to stop believing in your dreams no matter how tough times may become. Moreover, the film highlights just how important friendship and teamwork is.


And there you have it! These are five of the best motivational animated movies that you should consider watching with your children. And if you are a student, then watching these flicks is a must for you! You will certainly enjoy them. But the list doesn’t end here. There are many more titles that are worthy of mention. Some of them include Magic Knight Rayearth, A Place Further Than the Universe, and Attack on Titan. So, which one are you going to watch first? 

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