15+ Best Anime Waifus List 2021

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Waifu, beginning with understanding the meaning of it, as per the dictionary it defines the cartoon or anime or a video game’s fictional female characters. These are generally the characters to whom one gets sexually attracted too.

The term originated a long time back in the year 2002 in one of the anime series named Azumanga Daioh (episode 15). Even when the term was already known as the anime waifu by then, the same became famous amidst the English Otakus (post-2006), and it became famous among the fans who are English speaking.

The best waifus war has been ongoing for years, and even when there were small victories, there was not an overall winner. The reason is the entry of new soldiers every new season. Well, it brings us to the question- in the anime, all of it, who are the best waifus? The answer is provided through the list discussed below. So, give it a read and find your favorite on the list.

15+ Best Anime Waifu in 2021


1. Shinobu Kocho

shinobu kocho
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A character from the anime Demon Slayer, she is one such representing herself. She was from the Demon Slayer Corps, a known demon slayer who decided to be a part of this corps as they saved her while her parents were attacked by the demon and killed in the attack.

This anime waifu, even after all of the hardships she went through, made sure to remain bright and cheerful no matter what perils she faced. But if one sees her in the kill mode, she has her game face on, and she does despise the demons who brought for her the sadness of her life.

Apart from the above, she is a master swordswoman who does have some interesting moves, including the dance of the dragonfly: compound eye hexagon & butterfly dance: caprice. She also uses the nichirin blade for finishing the job and getting it done with all. Shinobu also adorns her demon slayer uniform (a straight-line jacket that came with the hakama pants and was tucked in the pattern of butterfly) like other characters within the series. Further, in the demon slayer poll of popularity, she did rank 6th in her 1st poll and then 5th within the 2nd poll, which was helpful in the year 2020. So, one can know how much popularity she has and the amount of love she has been receiving from her fans overall.

2. Chelsea


Akame Ga Kill!, Chelsea is one of the fan’s favorite characters within the show. She has been seen as giving off the vibe of the cool and the old sister who was the only assassin amidst the bunch. 

She tries to put up a very strong exterior who likes belittling the teammates she has, but as you get to know the character, you will know it all comes from a good place. Also, they all are seen risking their lives every single day, and therefore, it is quite smart to keep the teammates realistic and grounded. 

Within the anime, even when she doesn’t have much of screen time, she leaves a good impression on her fans.

3. Bulma 


One of the most famous anime, Dragon Ball Z, Bulma is the character from it. She is strong and one of the longest-running characters in the universe of the Dragon Ball Z. If talked about the importance and popularity, she seconds in the list after Goku. She is one of the best waifus who is Dr. Brief’s daughter, mother of Bulla and Trunks, wife of Vegeta & also a scientist who is quite valued by the other characters within the anime.

Getting to the looks of this wonderful character, she changed it many times, and it was quite more than other anime characters. In total, within the anime, she has 18 different types of hairstyles, ranging from being a complete tomboy to being that girly girl from one time to another.

Bulma is quite spoilt, and her looks, well, she uses it as the advantage for all of her vain behavior. She is temperamental, but for sure, she is a rational thinker, considering her high intelligence, which helps her remain one of the best scientists within the anime. Also, she might not have the fighting skills like the other Z characters, but she does know how to use the gadgets well and this proved to be very beneficial in the scenarios of war.

If the poll is considered for the fandom popularity in DBZ, she was ranked 9th in the 1st poll and 17th in the forever poll. She was further ranked 590th on the anime-planet as one of the most loved characters.

4. Belldandy


Belldandy is a character from the anime named Oh! My Goddess. She is a titular character from the series, which was Heaven goddess that appeared first to the Keiichi for granting his wish, the wish he put forward when he by accident dialed “Goddess Relief Agency” while he tried to order the food.

Belldandy, she then bound to the earth by the wish of his, and this is where the plot of the series began. 

She is an older woman who, like an anime character, is charming and quite mature. She is different from other waifus who is kind-hearted and has the ability for sensing the emotions of others in the right way. 

Apart from this, she is also quite patient when she is around people. Talking of her skills, she can easily summon the tornados and then alter the weather just as she pleases. If one considers the poll of anime-planet, well, she was ranked 1314.

5. Nao Tomori

Nao Tomori
Nao Tomori

If you have watched the series Charlotte, you are already familiar with the character of Nao, who is a 1st-year student and student council president at the Hoshinoumi Academy. She has long grey hair, which suits her right with her blue eyes. She has been seen mostly in her school uniform and with the camcorder, she owns for recording the powers from ability users. 

Nao is very smart and hardworking. However, at times she gets too hot-headed and can even act like a narcissist at times. She is fond of the kids and, by all means, loves to play with them. The best thing about her is the amazing ability she owns, which makes her disappears at her willingness and remain limited to just 1 person at one time. This for sure is pretty cool, and all of her qualities and greatness make her rank in the list of best waifus at 90th on some websites. 

6. Tsunade


A character from Naruto: Shippuden likes to drink, gamble, and has a short fuse. She is quite powerful, considering she can crush bare-handed the mountain, and she also has a giant pet slug. Well, even after all this, she does makes herself to be one great Hokage.

Tsunade carries the tenacity of the 100 men, and even when split in 2, this anime waifu will find a way to kick off your butt, and for sure, this is what makes her one of the best in here.

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7. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory

If you have tried checking out the picture dictionary and even looked up the babe word, for sure you will find the name of Rias. She is a character from High School DxD who is smoking hot. She carries the power to annihilate anyone who dares oppose her. However, she does have a very caring heart which can make you love her. But don’t you forget, she does get jealous. Therefore we have put Rias on this list of best waifus.

Also, it is one best time for learning chess considering the Queen’s Gambit success. 

8. Ino Yamanaka 

Ino Yamanaka 
Ino Yamanaka

From the anime series Naruto Shippuden, Ino is a Kunoichi from the Yamanaka clan of Konohagakure. She is Inoichi Yamanaka’s daughter (one and only) who is confident, outspoken, and quite strong.

Apart from this, she is also very compassionate and friendly with anyone she is very close to, and unlike all the other girls of her academy, she has a crush or rather an attraction on Sasuke.

Talking further about her love life, Ino dreams of the handsome men who fight for her love, and what can we say about her features? Well, she has glowing skin with platinum blonde hair, which has banged onto her face’s right side. 

She also has stark blue eyes, and one will mostly find her in her purple outfit that compliments her blouse, which is high-collared, and the apron skirt.

Ino is quite skilled when it comes to chakra control, ninjutsu, and she also has immense intelligence. Apart from all her amazing talents, her great personality will surely make her be on your best waifus list.

9. Merlin


She is a character from The Seven Deadly Sins anime. This character amidst the list of best waifus is one rare card in the deck as she is quite a difficult woman to get hold to. Yes, she is. She also negotiated with the 2 gods for joining her side and then tricked them and ran away with all of their powers. 

So, if the Gods cannot hold on to the attention of this woman, who exactly can?

Merlin, as a character, is stone-cold who cannot be considered otherwise. She got the man (one who creates the suns using his own hands) to get all hot under the collar. In simple words, she got too much of the feats for being ignored.

10. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka
Rin Tohsaka

She is the deuteragonist of the Fate Series who comes from the Tohsaka family (quite an imminent family). She is one of the master archers who was the participant of the Fifth Holy Grail war as her father got succumbed to mortal injuries a decade ago in the 4th war.

As for her personality, she is competitive, a model student in school, and level-headed. She is seen to have one deep honor sense for respecting family and the Tohsaka family’s legacy, and she would, for protecting it, go to any lengths.

Rin can get arrogant as well as elitist at times, but she does this just to protect her privacy right and intact. She also does it to protect anyone who is close to her. As per the 2018 Manga Tokyo Poll, she was ranked 3rd most popular character from the complete franchise. 

11. Kuriu Makise

Kuriu Makise
Kuriu Makise

One of the interesting characters from a well-known anime, Steins; Gate, she is a favorite of many. She doesn’t exactly have any kind of special gimmick, but she is a quite believable, kind, snarky, and clever character who will surely be adored by you.

She has been seen within the anime pressed on to the knowledge pursuit even after so much of her success causing problems to herself, and when the situation was rough, she was seen double-downing. So, why wouldn’t she be on the list of best anime waifu?

12. Sasha Braus/Sasha Blouse 

Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus

Sasha is one of the best waifus who in Attack of Titan anime is known as the potato girl. Yes, well, this member of the survey corps and the 104th training corps did make it to this list. She decided to join the force after she witnessed the deep desire of Eren to eliminate the Titans entirely. 

Sasha is courteous, a foodie (loves to eat potatoes), and a very kind person. She will always be seen with the potato piece or a piece of bread or any kind of food, all throughout the entire anime series. 

Even though fun-loving & friendly, Sasha on the field is a very merciless killer. She wouldn’t hesitate to aim the gun, but when it comes to the children, she will do the opposite. It is due to her skills and nature that she has been ranked 1st within the character popularity poll, which was helpful.

13. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki
Rukia Kuchiki

One of the well-known anime waifu from the anime Bleach, she is one iconic character. Rukia grew up within the beginnings of humbleness and was adopted within the nobility. 

Rukia is a kind of character who is quite respectful towards others, and she never ever forgets the roots from where she belongs. She might get cold, and a bit of a cucumber-like character who is cool, and she also leads herself to hide the true emotions she has towards other people. 

Rukia is that key within this anime which is quite an underrated character within the series. She is also the 13th division’s current captain, who is an excellent swordswoman, a shumpo expert, and a kido who is one of the best Hakuda Combatants. In the poll of bleach character, she was ranked 2nd after Ichigo.

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14. Abigail Jones

Abigail Jones
Abigail Jones

She is one to be put on the list of the best waifus. Abigail is a character from the anime Great Pretender who rocked her short hair. She is a quite capable and tenacious person who masters the crafts quick, which other people might take years/decades to master.

Abigail didn’t have an ideal childhood, and this is what brings a lot of walls before one gets to have a glimpse of the true character she has.

Do not forget that those who wait do get good things, and Abigail is one such character who knows well to help another character who has been going through the trauma.

15. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga

Wife of Naruto, she is an anime waifu from the series Naruto. It was since the beginning that one gets to know that Hinata is to marry the great Naruto. She had a huge crush on her. 

Apart from it, she is quite a powerful ninja who, too, has got on to this list of best waifus.

Talking about her nature types, she has 2- Lightning and Fire release. Hinata doesn’t use either of it often, but on the battlefield, it has always proven to be quite beneficial to her. She, due to her capabilities, has finished 33 missions in total as Shinobi, who is known as the Byakugan Princess. 

She also carries the title of the Legendary Queen of Gluttony (she earned this title), and she has been ranked 6th in the popularity poll of Naruto.

16. Rem


She is one famous character from the anime Re: Zero who is a very strong contender for being on the list of best waifus. She was nerfed by war devs.

Rem, when she likes another character, she is like a cold breeze that blows on a sunny day. She will spread the kawaii and cheer around herself. In case if it’s the opposite and she doesn’t like you, well, you do need to carry one another set of pants, as there’s a probability that you might soil yourself royally.

It is this duality that allows the waifu soldiers, some of them, to stand tall.

Final Words

Hope you were able to find best waifus in there above. If not, let us tell you that this list has been prepared as per the fan reviews, our personal research, and watches. So, in case you wish to suggest any of your favorite anime waifu, reach out to us. We will see if the same can be added to this list for you. Till then, read the article, find the new characters, and binge-watch the anime shows.

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