Ben Affleck: Bio, Net-Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, Social Media

Ben Affleck Bio
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Ben Affleck is one of the most popular American actors and also he is one of those actors who started their career in the film industry from a very young age or I should say from childhood. The full name of Ben Affleck is Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt. He was born on August 15, 1972, in Berkeley, California, United States. Along with being an actor, he is also a screenwriter, film director, philanthropist, and producer.

As I told you in the beginning that he started his career at a very young age. When he was 12 years old kid, he played a great role in an educational series named “The Voyage of the Mimi”. This educational series was last for 4 years from 1984 to 1988.

In the Year 1993, he appeared in an independent coming-of-age comedy film “Dazed and Confused”. When Ben and his childhood friend named Matt Damon won the Golden Globe, they became wider popular. Afterward, they both also received an Academy Award for the movie “Good Will Hunting” (which was released in 1997 ). They played a good role in the movie and also wrote it.

After that, he gave a lot of hit movies like Armageddon which was released in 1998, Pearl Harbor in 2001, The Sum of All Fears, and Changing Lanes in the year 2002.

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Ben Affleck Overview

Full Name

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt


48 Years

Date Of Birth

August 15, 1972

Place Of Birth

Berkeley, California, United States


6 feet 4 inches


 89 kg/198 lbs

Zodiac Sign



screenwriter, film director, philanthropist, producer, and Actor

Marital Status

No Info




No Info


Jennifer Garner ​( From 2005 to 2018 )

Ben Affleck: Early Life

In this point, we are going to look at the early life of Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt alias Ben Affleck. He was born in Berkeley, California on August 15, 1972. Christopher Anne Boldt or Chris Boldt was his mother, she was a school teacher at Harvard Graduate School Of Education.

His father’s name was Timothy Byers Affleck, he was an aspiring playwright, but to support his family’s financial condition he worked as a bookie, electrician, auto mechanic, carpenter, and also a janitor at Harvard.

When ben was just 3 years old, his family had to move to Massachusetts. His father was an alcoholic and it was really very difficult for his family to live with him. When Ben was 11 years old, his parents got divorced and after the divorce, his family was quite peaceful as now they don’t have to bear his alcoholic father.

Ben Affleck was raised or grown in a very liberal and politically active family. His mother Chris Boldt used to take both brothers Ben and Casey to theaters almost every day and there they developed this insane love for acting and arts.

Ben Affleck was very inspired by a drama teacher named Gerry Speca. Ben acted in theater productions as a Latin & Cambridge Rindge high school student. Ben Became a very close friend of Matt Damon. Ben and Damon had the same dream to become a successful actor.

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Ben Affleck: Career

Ben’s first appeared in an independent movie when he was 7 years old. The name of the movie was “The dark end of the street”, which was released in the year 1981 and directed by a very famous Hollywood director Jan Egleson. As a child, he got his first big or biggest success, when he acted in a PBS children’s series The Voyage of the Mimi & The Second Voyage of the Mimi.

When he was just a teenager, he made his way to ABC after school special Wanted: The Perfect Man. Not only this, but he also acted in the TV movie Hands of a Stranger, which was released in the year 1987.

Ben got his first starring role in a college drama “Glory Daze” as an aimless art student. The movie released in the year 1995, and became a hit. Later he played the role of a bully in Mallrats and because of the film he became a very good friend of Smith.

Now after 2 years, in the year 1997 when he wrote and also acted in the movie “Good will hunting”. The movie became a global hit and give an insane boost to the career of Ben Affleck. Talking about the current situation of Ben’s career then it is quite great, in 2020 he acted in a movie named “The Way Back” and not only this, but he did many movies in the year 2020.

Recently, he is working on some potential directing projects like The Big Goodbye: Chinatown & the Last Years of Hollywood, which I personally think going to be a big hit.

Ben Affleck: Personal Life

In the year 1997, Ben started dating Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a well-known actress. They met each other at a Miramax dinner party, later they fall in love with each other. But unfortunately, in the year 1998, their relation didn’t work out, so they broke up their relationship.

After a few months, both worked in a movie named Bounce. But as said, if God didn’t make someone for you, they will not last forever. So again, in the year 2000, they once again broke up their relationship.

Ben also had an eighteen months relationship with one of the most popular Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lopez. In the year 2005, Ben found his life partner named Jennifer Garner, who is also a very famous Hollywood actress. They got married on June 29, 2005, the destination of their marriage was a private Turks and Caicos ceremony. But in the year 2015, they divorced and got separated.

Now talking about the current relationship of Ben Affleck, then he is currently in a relationship with Ana de Armas, who is a Cuban actress.

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Ben Affleck: Social Media & Net Worth

Now let’s talk about the net worth and social media of Ben Affleck, I am pretty sure that you might be waiting for this point. In the year 2020, Ben Affleck made more than 150 million US dollars. Now you may be thinking, how can someone make so much by just acting. So let me make it clear that he is not just an actor, he is also a screenwriter, producer, and director. Talking about his social media, then he has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, more than 5.8 million followers on Facebook, and more than 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

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