Check Out These 20 Attractive Anime Girl Black Hair 2021

Anime Girl Black Hair 2021
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Attractive, beautiful, simple & sweet, what’s left to describe a black hair anime girl. With black being a color of mystery, unknown, death, and power, it reflects upon the black haired anime girl, whose characters are distinct and completely unique.

In Anime, this is one common thing that’s picked from real-life, and that’s shared by the girls. Even though there has been quite other colorful hair seen in there, the girls with black have always been seen to melt the heart with their beauty and looks.

There are always some or other characters popping up with their distinctive shade and vibrant colors, but it is somewhat much more predictable now. Even when these flashy hair colors are quite a fantasy for people to watch, there’s nothing that can cover the charm of Anime Girl black hair and their fantasy.

Top 20 Stunning Anime Girl Black hair 2021

Normal and natural are the Anime Girl black hair characters. They do seem to be ordinary and much more realistic, and the ease of it, well, that’s too on the top.

But sometimes, behind this, ordinary people forget what this color signifies. Black perfectly brings out the calm and cool of the character, and it makes the story much more likable.

Considering how Anime girl black hair is noticeable, herein prepared is a list of such 20 stunning characters with black hair that are known to have a stand-out amidst all and have a simple yet powerful appearance.

1. Akame

Akame anime girl black hair
Akame anime girl with black hair

She is one of Assassin’s group members named Night Raid. She was sold for being trained as the assassin by the empire, and probably this is why this anime girl with black hair appears to be a cold-hearted personality with a strict nature.

But one cannot ignore her worries and care, which exist for the safety of Comrades. She truly carries the burden of many and has the will to bring the revolution.

Apart from it, she is one talented swordswoman who has taken a walk to hell and back, maintaining the strength to keep living, always. In short, she is doing her task quite well, without a doubt. 

2. Nico Robin

Nico Robin anime girl black hair
Nico Robin anime girl black hair

Austere and enigmatic, this character is not just known for her qualities but also for the anime girl black hair. She is a member of the Straw Hats crew and carries a very sophisticated personality. Within the series, she is also seen to have eaten the flower-flower fruit or the Hana Hana no Mi, which helps in body parts replication.

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Nico is also an archaeologist dreaming of discovering in her voyage the lost void century. Amidst all anime girl with black hair, she does have her own appeal in terms of her attitude. She is also a logical one in the crew and steers the thoughts to find the right and timely opportunities. 

3. Shana

Shana anime girl with black hair

A bit tricky to classify, this anime girl black hair does reveal the truest form before she assumed Hirai Yukari’s identity with amazing aptitude-wise abilities. However, her abilities cannot be compared to Flame Haze, who has much more complicated skills. Even for her profile, it suggests her to have much older age, and considering her attitude and actions, it portrays it otherwise.

Relaxed, chilled, and completely off-duty, not fighting with the crimson denizens, Shana is Anime girl black hair. She is one original character type of Tsundere, who is completely irritable & angry (a quality which is shown as warming up with people for whom they are about to fall later). Shana is completely matured and disciplined for her age and carries equal skills as that of a battlefield master swordsman.

4. Chitanda Eru

Chitanda Eru anime girl black hair
Chitanda Eru anime girl black hair

This anime girl with black hair is ever-inquisitive, highly passionate, and curious. She is the direct foil for the low-effort and energy pursuits for Oreki Houtarou, a talented character. Chitanda’s black hair looks quite unique, and her gleaming and shiny eyes support her look quite well.

Complementing her face and her looks, this one glaze of her eyes and the perfectness of her hair, it creates one amazing mini-theme, one of its own. In short, this anime girl back hair is perfect.

5. Akiyama Mio

Akiyama Mio
Akiyama Mio anime girl with black hair

With her height, this black hair anime girl is the talent in the group. She has grey-blue eyes, and the viewers already know her as busty, more than others, from one episode of season 1.

It is all much more to the dismay of the known character named Yui Hirasawa or Ritsu Tainaka or even Azusa Nakano. The character of Mio loves to wear tank tops or any other sleeveless clothes, and as for her favorite musical instrument, it is the bass guitar.

The Anime girl black hair and her character is not at all a definition of black color; and instead, she is quite kind, introverted, shy, and even hard-working with leadership qualities. She even hares when people are seen to slack off and make extreme excuses.

6. Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukinoshita Yukino anime girl black hair
Yukinoshita Yukino anime girl black hair

She is one leader of a service club, who carries the anime girl black hair, is beautiful and completely talented. She, though, has been nicknamed the Ice-cold Beauty due to her distant and cold nature.

Yukinoshita is a believer that the less fortunate/lost lambs are to be helped in the world, and if we consider the views of Hachiman, for him, her helpful act has a quite twisted nobility. She wishes people to come to her and ask for help directly instead of going the other way and make her make take the move.

7. Enma Ai

Enma Ai
Enma Ai anime girl with black hair

Her character is said to be one of the most depressing ones which were created to date in the world of Anime. She is said to be a hell girl who does hold the power of sending any other character for their crimes or the bad deeds or any evil they commit to hell.

However, this anime girl black hair did get the darkness of hell due to a story (a completely soul-crushing story which would make one not question what she is and why she is the way she is), and this is what makes her one tragic anime character known.

8. Tohsaka Rin

Tohsaka Rin anime girl black hair
Tohsaka Rin anime girl black hair

Well-known as Tohsaka Lineage heir, Rin Tohsaka was quite an idol student at her school. She, as instructed by her father for prioritizing the magecraft over the interests she had, well, she did it perfectly. She even had a great competency with the magic, and she did serve in Fifth Holy Grail War as the master to warrior Archer.

Rin is one another Tsundere, having much more tact, manners than what other Tsundere tropes had. She gets angry on stupid things (not being acknowledged by Shiro) and sometimes admits to the embarrassing moments, but this character has anime girl black hair and independence, a drive, and a very strong mindset, which cannot be seen in all characters. She can take care of herself even in distress. Isn’t these all qualities of the strength that hides all weaknesses?

9. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman anime girl with black hair

Being reserved doesn’t mean one cannot hold that incredible strength, agility, smartness, beauty, as for Mikasa, amidst all anime girls with black hair, does have all this. Considering her relationship with Eren Yeager (full of care and better feelings), Mikasa is the adoptive sister and Amrin’s childhood friend. She was saved from the hands of the human traffickers, and since then, she has lived a better life.

Mikasa is a well-toned, tall & fit woman and carries a partial heritage from Asia. She is Anime girl black hair, which was pretty long but later, she cut it down short. She also has a scar right below the right-eye that was delivered during the Battle of Trost District by Eren.

10. Hishiro Chizuru

Hishiro Chizuru anime girl black hair
Hishiro Chizuru anime girl black hair

Well, it might seem that the protagonist has been working to approach her and try to open her up eventually, considering she looked like an average aloof or the loner type of girl. Wait to see her in character, as she did fulfill her role quite well.

She is in her re-life in this series, and probably she isn’t normal considering time. Anime girl black hair medium cut, it isn’t her youthful identity as it is just the external appearance, but it does fit quite well with her outfit, which she wore at the maid school festival.

11. Sakurajima Mai

Sakurajima Mai
Sakurajima Mai anime girl with black hair

Black haired anime girl, well, Sakurajima would have definitely won the fan-favorite in 2018. The reason is quite simple. She is not just completely and absolutely gorgeous but is also witty & smart.

She is also known for her realistic decisions, and definitely, she did have some marking to be an amazing and wonderful girlfriend. Considering her sublime waifu status, well, it was her better understanding of the Sakuta quest, which makes it perfect.

12. Sango

Sango Anime girl black hair
Sango Anime girl black hair

She is a member of the village and comes from the Youkai Slayers family line. Sango was trained completely within the slaying art while she was growing up. When she isn’t in a fight, it is this Anime girl black hair that complements her look like a village girl with an amazing suited outfit, which is like the standard commoner kimono.

Considering the amazing locks this anime girl black hair has, those are arranged well in the ponytail when she is fighting. It provides her an iconic look all completely through the series, and probably even her children will be inheriting this signature look of her black hair and some prominent characteristics from her.

13. Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya
Shinomiya Kaguya anime girl with black hair

She is one renowned student council member and is completely expected to be the right role model for all existing students there. However, it is to be noted that she is everything but just not what she is expected to be.

She isn’t a role model, but there are some noticeable attributes of her, like the anime girl black hair, which is completely paired with her red and curious eyes.

The hitting and missing of thoughts together with actions that occur in between her and another character named Shirogane are also to be noted here. So, all one can say to her is, why not just let the ship sail in the right direction? Come on, people.

14. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi anime girl black hair
Chi-Chi anime girl black hair

What she wore at the beginning of the series was kind and actually a bit more foreign. It was more than the heavy eastern martial arts inspiration the series had, or one can even take this otherwise and say that Goku and other members of the gang were looking different from what the futuristic setting was there.

In the later part of the series, when Chi-Chi becomes the wife of Goku, she wears Chinese-inspired clothes, and the anime girl black hair is quite noticeable as this gives her completely an Asian impression. She is perfect, and the best is; she would remain the same throughout the series.

15. Mei Misaki

Mei Misaki
Mei Misaki anime girl with black hair

She is the character who believes irrespective of relationship number, one still remains alone, and the character of Mei is quite observant and reserved. She also has that aura, which makes her much more curious about what she is doing or thinking.

As said above, as per Mei, loneliness is a part of us, and no matter how many people are there, it will always exist. However, this doesn’t make her depressing because she isn’t the same. It is the way she has always been seeing the world and tends to look forward to the future. She is also a very logical black haired anime girl who is one best characters to see things realistically.

16. Makoto Kowata

Makoto Kowata anime girl black hair
Makoto Kowata anime girl black hair

She is one main character who is the heart of the series, and she is also the center of the flying witch. It is this black haired anime girl who makes the series to be very relaxing with her carefree nature and the occasional comedy she makes with her perfect timing, of course.

As for her personality, this amazing Anime girl black hair person is completely opposite from Akane, her sister, who is very much loud, fun, extrovert, and even highly energetic.

17. Yuuko Ichihara

Yuuko Ichihara
Yuuko Ichihara anime girl with black hair

She is one powerful and very mysterious witch who was known for her long anime girl black hair and amazing ashen skin.

She, well, Yuuko is also shown as the mysterious shop owner whose sole purpose for existence was to grant the wishes for anyone who was in requirement of it, and in exchange, they were asked to pay something equivalent to the type of request that was made.

As Watanuki’s mentor, she did act very moderately and enjoyed a great deal while trying to make his life very, very difficult.

18. Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina anime girl black hair
Mayuri Shiina anime girl black hair

Mayuri seemed to be a little outwardly ditzy, but she also was, during the crucial times, highly sensitive and made sure to be an all-around caring personality whenever someone around needed the same.

As for her external attributes, this Anime girl black hair was spiky (considered as an extra attribute), but as for the design of her hair that can be combined with the eyes, well, this made her one true unique waifu.

19. Akemi Homura

Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura anime girl with black hair

A girl with everything, this is what she is known as. She might seem to be cold outwardly towards other people, but in actual all of the high-class look and style, together with the anime girl black hair, was simply serving as a means to intimidate the people or, better to say, anyone who tried to strike one conversation with her.

However, as it is said, not all are the same from before, neither was she. If one looks at the older arrangement of her hair, it would suggest she was much of a timid, bookish type, but with time, as she saw it all, the moments started to fade away in the grey as per perspective.

20. Hitomi Mishima

Hitomi Mishima anime girl black hair
Hitomi Mishima anime girl black hair

She is known as a polarizing character who was in start seen to be innocent in Hinamatsuri, cute and pure-hearted. She was focused on receiving better education and keeping up with her own business, but in actuality, she is the one who was found to be back-bitching behind the backs of people and continued ahead in life to become arrogant after she landed up with one high-paying job like a bartender.

All of the above, well, one cannot ignore her good character traits just reading the above and believe it, she did become memorable in the eyes of viewers.



Q.1 Who is the anime girl with black hair?

One great female, Nico Robin, owns the best anime girl’s black hair, and her character did add up a lot to the story.

Q.2 What anime character has black hair?

There are some well-known characters with black hair, and the list of names includes Monkey D. Luffy, Kirito, Rukia, Vegeta, etc.

Q.3 Who is the anime girl with black hair and red eyes?

Yuuko Ichihara is an anime girl with black hair and red eyes.

Q.4 What does black hair mean in Anime?

The black hair in Anime suggests that the character is not just insignificant but is ordinary/traditional. It also symbolizes mystery, morbidness, etc.

Q.5 What do red eyes mean in Anime?

Red eyes in Anime signifies strong and quite fiery. It also suggests the character be connected to the fire or monster or yokai, or they are even otherworldly. These characters are mostly villains/evil.

Final Words

Hope one got to know a lot about the attractive anime girl with black hair and what separates them from other characters. In the article, it has also been made sure that some attributes of the characters can be denoted so as to determine what else is great about these characters apart from their amazing black hair. So, who is your favorite? Make a pick and get to know more about these characters watching the anime series.

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