20+ Best Anime Cat Girls in 2022

Best Anime Cat Girl
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Anime cat girl or Nekomusume (in Japanese) are the intelligent species that are cat and human hybrids that have been the anime staple for the decades, and they have by all means ensured to preserve their popularity. They, in their physical form, resemble the humans and have their feline ears of the same color as their hair, tail, a mouth that is cat-like, and slitted pupils. Even their behavior is human-like apart from one thing, i.e., they are having 1000 times more of the Kawaii.

Of course, everyone loves the cat girl anime, and there have been many of the catgirls who were featured within the anime, especially if the anime is of the fantasy or the isekai genre. Some of the anime even focus on catgirls as entirely considering them as protagonists and even their love interests. But there are certain names who have been seen embracing the inner felines much more than the other characters. They are cute, embrace their cat-like features, and of course, are loved by all.

Considering all of the above, this article will provide a list of the anime girls from all of the anime universe. Give a read further to know more.

20+ Best Anime Cat Girl(s)


1. Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi)

She has blue hair (floor length), which is tied in a low ponytail using the scrunchie of white color. Her eyes are blue, and she is seen forming the cattail and the ears from time to time when she actually sees it. All of the other times, she is seen having the swirly ahoge, a large one on to the top of her head.

Tsumiki is usually seen wearing Nekoge Prefectural (high school uniform), and during the winter, one can see her wearing the same version together with the sweater (and no jacket)

2. Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire)

Considering her human disguise, Shizuka has cat ears, and her hair (sandy blond, which shines in the sun) is shaped a such. She wears the orange skirt and the white blouse together with the low heel sandals. Her eyes always seem to be closed. 

The personality of this cat girl is girly and nice. She also says meow way too much; it makes it obvious that she is a cat. Shizuka seems to have a liking for Tsukune, the human, but she doesn’t care much as she has a belief that the monsters and the humans are getting along.

3. Felicia (Darkstalkers)

She is another anime girl with cat ears. Felicia is quite an optimistic and energetic cat girl anime who is seen to have a love for singing, making friends, and dancing. She wishes to see a peaceful co-existence along with the humans, and by no means does she resort to fighting unless otherwise there doesn’t seem to be a chance to avoid it. This is what makes her stand out amidst the other characters of the anime.

4. Catherine (Gintama)

This cat girl anime wears the straight black bob. She has quite distinctive cat-like ears with brown eyes, a big nose, and lips. She also has tanned skin. However, the same is not related to race.

It was noted by Gintoki that she was old and an unattractive woman and assumed her ex got in a relationship with her just to keep up with the bet. Even after this, Catherine has an attractive body that is too thin. Her figure is slender and is covered using the green kimono.

5. Ibaraki Douji (Onigiri)

Anyone who loves anime cat girl will surely love this character who is half-Oni and is similar to the character of the player. She is shown to have a feel of a strong connection together with the main character. Her career is unique as she runs the traveling bar just like the traveling merchant status of Miroku.

Other characters mistake her to be a cat that can transform.

6. Nuku Nuku (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)

She is the protagonist and the title character. Nuku Nuku is seen starting out like the stray cat Ryunosuke who stumbled on while taking the leak as she was on the run together with her father Kyusaku after she stole the prototype android of the design of Kyusaku. All she wanted was to keep the same from being sold off to the military by Akiko, Ryu’s mother.

The stray cat then got shot in the crossfire by the henchwomen of Akiko after Ryu got permission to keep the cat with her as the birthday present. Now, in the moment of the brilliance, Kyusaku put the brain of the dying cat in the android, and this gave it the feline sapience and emotions of the android.

7. Rin Shaomei (Shining)

She is assumed to be a serious and much more sedate character. She is the female antique seller (beast race) in the game. Rin’s identity is also of the phantom thief named Black Tail. She is seen appearing the shining blade with her name Lin Lin, and then she initially used to assume the cat form.

8. Chaila (Chaika- The Coffin Princess)

Long white hair reaching down the waist and purple eyes are the features of this anime cat girl. She is seen wearing a slight frilly white dress together with the black skirt (puffed sleeves) and the white headband (frilled).

Her scar on the neck makes it feel like her head got chopped off. On the neck back, she also has a magic symbol. Apart from all this, her thick black eyebrows of her are distinctive features. 

9. Melwin (Cat Planet Cuties)

The first officer of the Catian Starship, Melwin, is slimmer and has a small chest than other girls. She also has short blue hair.

The show makes us question what one will do when the FBI is Nekomimi? Something illegal? Well, one can find out only by watching the show.

10. Alicia Rue (Sword Art Online)

She has a petite figure, blond and wavy hair that surrounds her triangular cat ears of her. She is seen wearing the 1-piece armor, which exposes her tanned skin.

In this cat girl anime, one can see the claw weapons handing from the waist sides of Alicia while the colorful stripe (near hips) emphasizes tail.

Alicia also wears the bell collar on the neck and the cape on the left arm with the red stripe through the same, near the front.

11. Nozomi Kiriya (Mayoi Neko Overrun!)

Light purple hair, cat ears, and red eyes are her features. She tends to be quite emotionless and indifferent, but she is also airheaded when it comes to being nude.

It was once quipped by her that she would love to get a hot spring bath together with Takumi Tsuzuki.

Within the anime, this anime cat girl is seen running away as she assumed she got in the way of Takumi and Fumino Serizawa’s relationship. However, Takumi did convince her to return back.

12. Kuune (Cat Planet Cuties)

She is the Catian girl’s starship Captain who is in charge of the contingent, which is responsible for the establishment of the diplomatic relationship with leaders of the earth.

Even when she has her incredible bust size and height, she weighs 60 pounds only. In comparison to other anime cat girl, her bust size is the biggest. 

13. Ao Nanami (Yozakura Quartet)

She is an anime cat girl who is short and thin. She has chin-length blue hair together with two antennas that resemble the cat ear at her head’s top. Her skin is light, and her eyes blue. She is often seen wearing a black hat toque shaped around the cat ears. At times to conceal her ears, she wears a black Alice band. Apart from it, she generally wears summer clothes- minidress- dark and sleeveless, with the white-collar, blue buttons, and dark-colored boots.

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14. Cyan Hijirikawa (Show by Rock)

She is a pale-skinned anime cat girl who has big and turquoise eyes (shiny). Her hair is dark blue and seems like black and worn along with many short ringlet curls. On her head, she wears the frilly white cloth, which is reminiscent of the maid hat. Apart from it, she has a black cat tail and ears. She often wears a black blouse, white frilly material at chest together with black buttons row.

15. Kirara Bernstein (Gj-bu)

She is the anime cat girl who is tall, has blue eyes, and has short blond hair, which is shaped like cat ears. Like all characters of the show, she is seen in a school uniform, black and blue jacket together with gold lining and buttons. It also had the white-collar shirt underneath together with the blue skirt. Her uniform also shows the cleavage too.

16. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Goldeyes, white hair (hair front with bangs which goes past shoulders and many other loose bangs which hang down her forehead) with her back having the short bob cut, this is how one will see this character. She also wears a black hair clip that is black and cat-shaped on both hair sides. One of these clips consists of data that has been artificially making the super new devils.

When in Nekomata form, she is seen to grow the white cat ears pair and whitetail matching. Her eye pupils also become very cat-like. She also gained the three tails in volume 24.

17. Leone (Akame ga Kill)

She is young and curvaceous. Leone has short blonde hair together with 2 long tufts which frame her head sides and golden eyes.

She can be seen wearing the revealing outfit that is with the black tube top, the detachable sleeves, boots, pants, and the scarf around her neck. During transformation, her hair gets longer, and she also gets the lion ears, claws, and tail.

18. Kyaru (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

She is set by evil Kaiser insight. Her mission, it was to keep an eye over Yuuki and then assassinate Pecorine eventually. But then she gets close to the targets, and it makes her hesitant if she should get through the mission. Apart from her cat ears and tail, she is seen as an excellent climber, and she sneaks out often like the cat.

19. Nekonneru (Sailor Moon)

She is the daimon sent for taking the pure heart of the cat lover. She only lasted for just one episode; she did well. She had cat ears and a tail. She is seen wearing around the neck a collar.

The polka-dot dress of her reminds us of the viewers of spotted cats, particularly because of the design.

This anime cat girl has a feline nature, and she was a daimon hard to defeat. Her tail can stretch, too, and she can use it for choking and beating her enemies up.

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20. Dejiko (Di Gi Charat)

Also known as the Di GI Charat (same name anime), she is the catgirl in her manners and appearance. Apart from her cat tail and ears, she is seen wearing three bells (around her neck and 2 in the hair). She also wears a hat that resembles the face of a cat, and this adds up a little to her cuteness of the cat-like appearance.

When she speaks, she is seen ending up the sentences with a sound nyo, which is an imitation of the meowing of the cat. She is quite an adorable mascot but does not forget; she is powerful too. 

21. Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)

She is a deadly anime cat girl who is seen using her skills for killing kites, and then later, she also reanimated the corpse as the training tool for fellow chimera ant soldiers. Neferpitou has the cattail and ears, which show cat-like traits. She is often seen to be licking her own paws all throughout the run of the show for adding some cat-like traits. 

Final words

Hopefully, within the article, you were able to find your own favorite anime girl with cat ears. Note that this list has been prepared after a lot of research, considering the fan’s favorite, our own favorite, etc. If not, kindly reach out to us through the comment section, and we will see if we can include your favorite within the list herein. If not, enjoy the shows and find out your favorite cat girl. Do not waste time. Go watch!

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