Top 7 Best Must Watch Agatha Christie Movies 2021

Top 7 Best Must Watch Agatha Christie Movies 2021
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The best-selling author of all time, Agatha Christie is a well-known fiction writer. For anyone who gave their time on her books, know well how her words surprise.

As her biographer puts in words, Christie, she is a monolith, a phenomenon; well, she truly catches up with the right words for the legacy she is known for. There are some books of her which have also been recognized as the century’s best books list.

Addiction and popularity, these 2 words can be connected with her work, and for anyone who wishes to see some of her great works, well, let us tell, some of the works have been adopted on the big screen.

7 Highly Recommended Agatha Christie Movies Available on the Internet

Of 20th century list of greatest authors, Agatha Christie has already made her space, and her books are bestsellers today. Translated into different languages, she is a world-famous woman who began her journey in writing in 1920 and has more than 80 famous novels. Based on some amazing novels, there are some best movies and television works that were taken from her work. The list below will guide along to watch some of the great works available online.

1. Thirteen at Dinner

Thirteen at Dinner movie
Thirteen at Dinner movie

The story talks about the old man, Lord Edgeware, who was murdered. With his wife as the suspect, the story goes along. However, the lady did have a perfect alibi.

The movie did prove that every good thing comes to its end. Marriage is good until it isn’t and refusing someone to give a divorce is another aspect that shouldn’t exist.

So was the case within this movie where when refused for the divorce, Actress Jane Wilkinson asks Hercule Poirot to use a framed tact and a better logic so that they can raise a case, but it is soon found that Lord Edgware is murdered.

It was a well-placed wound from the knife at the neck base. Herein comes a need for making a better investigation, and for that, a precise Poirot is required to sort out such lies and make sure to find the criminal before any of the other victims die here.

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2. Crooked House

Crooked House movie
Crooked House movie

Dramatic and fertile (permanently), this is how the novel of Agatha has been represented by the critic Roger Ebert. The movie has been said to have its presence even on today’s date.

Herein the story is about a murder at a huge house of one of the cruel patriarchs, who was killed mysteriously by his own family.

Different representations were used to describe the house, like a house without life and alike. Everyone within the family hated the wealthy and cruel patriarch, and therefore everyone was under the microscope for the crime.

The work of this book and the movie has been said to be much more coherent than that of the Orient Express, and in simple words, it is the most mysterious one in the Agatha Novels history.

3. Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile movie
Death on the Nile movie

Craft-wise, the movie has been said to have accomplished a lot. It has top-notch production, a great Nino Rota score, best of design, and it also received Academy-award for the costume design.

The movie has been said to be one new episode for the life of the Belgian Investigator, Hercule Poirot, and talking about the crime, its location is river Nile’s bank, in Egypt.

Here shown is the murder of a young woman who was traveling. She was accompanied by her husband and later found dead, which urges Poirot (inmate on the ship) to take a step and investigate the matter.

But how the movie proceeds and how the character matches up with the role is one worth watching and taking for the final scenes; they are way more satisfying to watch.

4. Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express movie
Murder on the Orient Express movie

Many fictional friends, Agatha, since childhood, had a very fertile imagination, which helps contribute towards her character imagination (Hercule Poirot) and plotting the scene based on the requirement.

Within this movie, it has been shown that the one famous character Poirot might have loved to spend some time totally away from the murders and the imagination, but then again, he got aboard on the Orient Express, a luxurious train with some luxurious apartment.

What’s unique here is that none can see this train, and before the journey could even end up in peace, there was a murder mystery to be solved.

A lot of excitement exists within this movie, and it has been well-expressed as per the demand of the movie market. It has great production and a strong cast, making it one most watched.

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5. Evil Under the Sun

Evil Under the Sun movie
Evil Under the Sun movie

The movie has been directed by Hamilton- James Bond alum guy. The movie has a smartly structured mystery and also brings out a great sense of humor. All these elements are important things that cannot be overlooked when trying to adapt to the work of the writer.

For those who are not a fan of reading Christie or watched much of British TV series, they might not be acquainted with the characters herein like David Suchet, playing the role of Hercule Poirot and he did keep up with the name and played his character quite well. All other characters, too, have played their part and brought forward their intelligence and wit.

6. Endless Night

Endless Night movie
Endless Night movie

It is a movie from one of another standalone novel and one favorite from the work of Christie. To describe the content, it can be said that the movie adds a flavor that is strikingly different than what the usual output is received.

Definitely, death occurs eventually, but the movie is full of some moody secrets tale and betrayal, which keeps flirting with the supernatural.

It is one serious film, and the themes like class disparity and social climbing are quite weighty, and one can find a lot of character development seen herein.

The one important thing to note here is that, in the end, the movie leaves us with many unanswered questions, which is a sin in storytelling, but the movie is quite engaging and totally intriguing.

7. And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None movie
And Then There Were None movie

It is called the first and the best of adaptation from Agatha Christie. The work of it is quite popular, and the director Rene Clair succeeded in bringing the best from the plot and the structure, which was totally intact herein. From ensuring about the final culprit to allowing some heavy lifting by the story ingenuity, it has it all.

The movie has captured the novel’s propulsive nature and has presented the quality by showing the good businessman who was behind the camera. From contrast to the lighting to the movie set, all have been properly crafted herein for every scene and presented quite well.

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Q.1 Are there any Agatha Christie movies on Netflix?

No, as of today, there are no Agatha Christie movies on Netflix.

Q.2 Where did Agatha Christie die?

Winterbrook, United Kingdom, is the place of Agatha Christie’s death.

Q.3 Is Agatha Christie on Amazon Prime?

No, there are no Agatha Christie movies on Amazon Prime.

Q.4 Who was Agatha Christie married to?

Archibald Christie was the spouse of Agatha Christie till 1928, and later she was married to Max Mallowan in 1930.

Q.5 When did Agatha Christie die?

Agatha Christie died on 12th January 1976.

Final Words

The work presented by Agatha Christie is well-known around for the mystery and plots it brought forward. It is because of her works that people did get something new exciting, and even today, she is known around for it. Her work had a class, and the moviemakers ensured to bring forward what she might have imagined while working on the books quite closely. So, why wait now? Go and watch this amazing list and know the writer’s work much more.

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