Actress of the Week: Amanda Seyfried – A Wide-Eyed Bombshell

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Actress of the Week: Amanda Seyfried – A Wide-Eyed Bombshell

Amanda Seyfried - Mean GirlsIf there’s one blonde on everyone’s mind right now, it’s Hollywood starlet, soap TV star and model Amanda Michelle Seyfried. Not only does she star in films of all genres and budgets, but Seyfried has also got some serious pipes. From comedy to horror to musical, this diverse actress proves she’s not only a pretty face, but a commanding actress.

Playing the “Dumb Girl”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Seyfried began modeling in print ads when she was just 11. She soon began taking small, uncredited parts on TV soap operas but eventually gained regular spots on shows like As the World Turns and All My Children.

In 2003, Amanda auditioned for the Tina Fey written box office hit and high school staple film Mean Girls as the dim-witted character Karen. Seyfried originally auditioned for the part of head “plastic” Regina George, but seemed to fit Karen’s personality much better.

In a 2004 interview with Seyfried explains how she related to the character, “I was a little spacey back in the early days of high school. My friends treated me like everybody treats Karen to a certain degree, which is kind of strange. I’m not playing myself.” Eight years later, and Mean Girls has proved its staying power as fans everywhere (including me) quote some of the film’s best lines.

A Slow Start Leading to a “Big” Hit

In the few years directly following Mean Girls, Amanda’s career didn’t skyrocket as one would’ve thought. She landed small reoccurring roles in shows like Veronica Mars and Wildfire, and a small part in 2006′s Alpha Dog with Justin Timberlake.

Amanda Seyfried & Meryl StreepIt wasn’t until she appeared on HBO’s drama about a polygamist Mormon family, Big Love, that people really began to take notice of Seyfried. Premiering in 2006, Seyfried lasted on the show for four of its five seasons, eventually leaving to focus on her film career. Big Love was coined as hit by both fans and critics, gaining notice for its taboo subject matter. Its third season was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, but lost out to Mad Men.

Mamma Mia Those are Mismatched Movies!

From there on out, Seyfried has been on a continuous trend of unique, challenging, and vibrant roles in successful films. In 2008, she starred as Sophie in the film adaptation of the musical, Mamma Mia! alongside the phenomenal Meryl Streep.

In her first lead role, Seyfried helped pull the film to the #5 highest box office spot for the year. Mamma Mia! also earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical. Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, everyone agreed that Seyfried proved her ability to sing as she belted five songs on the film’s soundtrack and starred in a music video.

Seyfried constantly changes film genres, which keeps her fresh, interesting and away from typecasting. In 2009 alone, Amanda starred in three very differnt films: the comedy horror Jennifer’s Body alongside Megan Fox, an indie comedy drama Boogie Woogie opposite Alan Cumming and Danny Huston, and an erotic thriller titled Chloe. Amanda even took a stab at the Nicholas Sparks book-turned-film Dear John, which received negative reviews, but that seems to be the norm for most of Sparks’ onscreen stories.

Not Held Down by CriticsLes Miserables

In 2010, Amanda continued to take part in a wide assortment of projects, but many were not well received. She starred in romantic comedy Letters to Juliet, which got mostly negative reviews but still made almost $80 million at the box office. Amanda then played the lead role in Red Riding Hood which made a profit but was forgettable at best.

Alongside Justin Timberlake for the second time since Alpha Dogs, Seyfried starred in the sci-fi action flick In Time, which was again panned by critics. And earlier in 2012, Amanda played Jill in Gone, a thriller that didn’t even break $20 million at the box office.

Despite harsh words by critics, Amanda pressed on, and most recently starred in the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Les Miserables. Starring as the older Cosette, Amanda was able to show off her singing abilities once again. Since its Christmas Day release Les Mis has raked in an impressive $67.7 million, and as already received several award nominations, including four Golden Globe nominations and four SAG nominations.

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In an interview with Collider, when asked about her take on some of the famous lyrics in the film, “to love another person is to see the face of God”, Amanda explained,  ”[...]it’s the most profound thing I think that you can ever hear someone say, and for it to be sung is just that much more powerful.  It’s what we’re left with in the end and that’s why Les Mis has been such a phenomenon for so many years, because of the theme.   What it’s about really in the end, to love.”

What’s Next for The Beauty?

Amanda is not only recognized for her acting and singing abilities, but her gorgeous looks also turn heads. Among many lists, Seyfried was ranked #2 in Who Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” in 2010 and #1 on People’s “25 Beauties (and Hotties) at 25″ list in 2011.

Amanda is currently signed on to do several projects in various stages of production. In early 2013, she’ll star in The End of Love, followed in April by the comedy, The Big Wedding. In late spring of 2013, Amanda will lend her voice to Blue Sky Studios animated film, Epic and will follow it by starring as a pornstar in Lovelace.

Amanda Seyfried has never been your typical actress. With her varying roles and perseverance, she’s one girl who doesn’t let her looks define her. Watch out for Amanda, you never know what kind of movie she’ll pop up in!

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