‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Receives a New International Trailer & Poster

Tj Weaver October 26, 2012 0
‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Receives a New International Trailer & Poster

If you don’t foresee a romantic date with wine, candles, and a nice dinner this coming Valentine’s Day, you could always head to the theaters to see Bruce Willis wreak havoc in Russia. Even if you do have a significant other, nothing says, “I love you,” like a pair of tickets to the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise.

There’s a lot going on in A Good Day to Die Hard – explosives, rolling vehicles, Russia, hot chicks in leather, and Willis running around with a machine gun in hand (an image we’ve become accustomed to throughout the years). But even with all of this, the film still has some work to do to convince fans of the first three Die Hard films that our character John MacClane is back in business. Unfortunately, with the cheesy PG-13 rated tagline, “Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia,” in place of the iconic, “Yippee Ki-Yay, motherfucker,” some fans remain convinced that the adrenaline building, rated-R magic may have ceased after 1995′s Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

We’re Heading to Russia This Valentine’s Day

The new international trailer centers around the relationship between MacClane and his son Jack – Jai Courtney of Spartacus. Jack’s troubles oversees calls for Dad to bid farewell to his daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) for a few weeks, hop on a plane, and head to the country known for its harsh winters, huge forbidding dogs, and boxing record.

Like any responsible father, MacClane helps Jack without any clue as to what his son’s gotten himself into. Together they must stop a pair of Russian terrorists (Sebastian Koch & Yulia Snigir) from completing their mission of throwing the world into utter chaos.

Aside from the action, there’s not a lot going on in the new trailer for the fifth installment as we’ve seen it all before. Die Hard fans are wondering if the film will head in the direction of the first three installments or if director John Moore (Max Payne) and screenwriter Skip Woods (The A-Team) will continue on the track of pleasing the much younger crowd that enjoyed 2007′s Live Free or Die Hard.

What Are You Looking for in Die Hard 5?

It’s our first Die Hard film to take place outside of the US. Do you think Moore and Woods made a mistake in the continuity and feel of the franchise by placing this film in Russia? Also, how are you liking the poster (above)? Love it or hate it, be sure to leave a comment in the box below.

Directed by John Moore, A Good Day to Die Hard slams into theaters February 14th, 2013.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ International Trailer