VOD: Seven PsychoCATS Trailer – Parody of the Year?

katieholland October 11, 2012 0
VOD: Seven PsychoCATS Trailer – Parody of the Year?

Seven Cats and a Shih-Tzu

With the heavily anticipated release of Seven PsychopathsI’ve come across a few parodies of the trailers and posters around the internet. Seven PsychoCATS takes the cake as the number one trailer parody I’ve ever seen, but maybe it’s just be me and my obsessive love for felines, or maybe it’s just because the cats are paired up with their human counterparts so creepily well.

A hairless sphynx bearing a very silly wig stars as Christopher Walken, while an all white domestic, bearing a scorpion tattoo on its neck, plays Woody Harrelson. Many other perfectly paired breeds claw their way through the video.

CBS Films released the parody as promo material for the film’s premiere at this year’s London Film Festival. I have to admit, this parody has won my heart over and creeped me out all in one go. The sound dubbing is spot on and makes for a pretty convincing trailer.

From the costumes to the perfect portrayal of each actor in cat form, I’m totally convinced  Seven PsychoCATS could make a profit as its own feature length film. There’d be a lot of inquiring minds wanting to know where to find a copy.

As fun as this little snippet is, I’m still very excited for the release of Seven Psychopaths. I look forward to writing up the review this weekend and letting you all know what I thought of the film. Until then, I am just going to watch this video over and over again.

Here you have it, feast your eyes on Seven PsychoCATS:

‘Seven PsychoCATS’ Parody Trailer