The New ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Trailer Looks Anything but Magical

Tj Weaver November 21, 2012 1
The New ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Trailer Looks Anything but Magical

Remember that film titled Jack the Giant Killer which was slated to hit theaters summer of 2012? Yeah,don’t feel bad because not many remember and for good reason. Director Bryan Singer has decided to switch gears from the superhero genre to the world of fantasy with a classic childhood tale… Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of an English man.

His directing efforts have been a hit or miss for many, with X2: United being his best film to date; the film would go on to pave the way for more team superhero films such as Fantastic FourThe Avengers, Kick Ass and Watchmen. For many DC Comic fans, Superman Returns tarnished his name, but he’s hoping to regain some of that lost ground with X-men: Days of Future Past and the recently re-titled  film Jack the Giant Slayer.

Same Characters, New Story

Sure you may remember the story from your days of childhood, but this time around Singer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, a long time collaborator of Singer’s, will follow in the footsteps of several other re-imagined classic tales as of late. Forget just one giant, there’s an army of them and they’re built to destroy.

The story centers on the story of an ancient war that sparks between our world and a race of giants that reside miles above Earth. When a farmhand, Jack, mistakenly closes the gap between the two with magical beans, he’ll have to fight the giants who want to reclaim the land they lost years ago. If he wants to save his kingdom and the princess he’ll have to go head-to-head with the creatures he believed only existed in fairytales.

“Jack The Company Killer”

The second trailer is an improvement from the first, which did little to spark people’s interest. How much of an improvement? Not much at all. The fact that it’s narrated by Ian Mckellen is the best part about the trailer. The period costumes look like they were purchased from a child’s dress up chest, the trailer is awkwardly put together and the CGI looks horrendous.

The film was pulled from summer 2012′s film roster and pushed back to March 1st, 2013. On top of that, the film’s studio, Digital Domain, coined Jack the Giant Slayer “Jack The Company Killer,” a running joke amongst the employees, as financially the company began to fall on hard times.

Fortunately, the cast is pretty impressive as Singer teamed up with actors he’s worked with in the past. Nicholas Hoult (Beast in X-men: First Class) will lead the film as Jack, Eleanor Tomlinson (Alice in Wonderland) plays Princess Isabelle, Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games, The Lovely Bones) plays the evil Lord Roderick, Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) plays King Brahmwell, and Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: Episode III, The Impossible) plays a palace guard. Talk about a packed cast!

One would hope that Singer plans to polish up the CGI a bit before the film’s premiere, if not, hopefully the story is strong enough to support the film from beginning to end.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to leave a comment below.

‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Movie Trailer

    • Blake Andrew Campbell

      Yeah those costumes look absolutely awful. Like something out of Party City haha. Shame because the cast is phenomenal but the film looks subpar.