The New ‘Hobbit’ Production Video: Coming at you in 3D!

Michele November 4, 2011 0
The New ‘Hobbit’ Production Video: Coming at you in 3D!

Peter Jackson just released the latest production video from the set of The Hobbit and boy does it look cool (You can check it out for yourself below). The blog goes into detail about how the movies are being put into 3D. Jackson does a great job of explaining it in a way that even I, someone who knows next to nothing about the technical aspect of making a movie, can understand. What with the 3D cameras and the extra 48 frames per second (up from the normal 24) the new Hobbit movies are shaping up to be a beautiful representation of all things geek.

Jackson makes it very clear that he loves the 3D technology, and would have filmed The Lord of the Rings the same way if the technology had been as accessible. He does mention that he took several 3D photographs during production of LOTR. There is a hint that we might be able to see them when the 3D version of The Hobbit is released in special edition Blu-ray/DVD. Which is a little too long to wait for my taste, but if he can keep these video blogs coming I might be able to stand it.

In the most recent blog, Peter Jackson talks about how using high quality 3D will completely immerse the audience into the world of Middle Earth, and I can’t agree more. While there has been a lot of talk about the third dimension being used in the wrong way to make an extra buck, there are a select few who can use it to enhance the story. The world created by J.R.R Tolkien will definitely look even better when you are completely surrounded by it. Jackson and his team have been working hard to make sure that it appears as life-like as possible, even when it’s on the big screen.

Along with all the technical talk there are still some great images that the fans of the series will be talking about. We get to see the Forest of Mirkwood, though it looks like it was created by a bunch people on acid in Candyland. Apparently the 3D camera takes out a lot of color, so the finished product will look more like the dark and oppressive place that we all know and love. We also get glimpses of the dwarves in action, both with swords in their hands and cacooned in white thread (anyone who has read the book will know what that means). There are also brief looks at Bag End when the dwarves arrive on Bilbo’s doorstep, and of Elrond at Rivendell.

It’s a great new video, and it hypes up the fans even more to be taken behind the scenes. By periodically releasing these blogs, Jackson is really keeping the energy up for everyone who is waiting patiently for the latest in Tolkein’s epic novels. The world premiere of the movie has just been set in Wellington, New Zealand; the same place where The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King premiered. I really can’t wait for December 14, 2012, the day when we will finally be able to see what Jackson has been talking about in 3D.

Here’s the video:

What are your thoughts about the new video? Are you excited about the 3D aspect or a little worried?