Rowling Considering Re-Writing Harry Potter

Sarah Jakubowski October 1, 2012 0
Rowling Considering Re-Writing Harry Potter

Most of us who’ve grown up with Harry Potter (first the books, then the movies) have finally, if grudgingly, closed that chapter on our lives.  From the first book released in 1997 to the last movie in 2011, we’ve had a good run.  But it’s time to move on, right?


J.K. Rowling recently told the BBC that she might not be quite done with Harry and his pals.  She said she wasn’t entirely satisfied with at least two of her books (she said it was one of the earlier ones and one of the later ones, but didn’t specify which).  During the writing she was a single mother on a whirlwind rise to fame and fortune.  While a new marriage and two more children are certainly happy events, they didn’t make for the most tranquil writing conditions and perhaps that’s what Rowling meant when she commented that there were “times when it was really tough.”  She says that, upon re-reading the series, she wants to do a “director’s cut” to fix whatever it is she feels is missing.

Does this mean new movies?  Maybe, maybe not.  It all depends on what changes she has in mind for the series.  I doubt it’d be anything earthshaking, so it might be best just to leave the movies alone for now.  They’re awesome enough as is.  But it’s nice to know that us fans might not have said our last goodbye to Harry.

Whatever her plans, Rowling’s in no rush.  Now that she’s well over millionaire-status, she’s not working under the publish-or-starve motivation that was there at the beginning of the series.  Also, since it’s a re-make of the series that she’s considering, she doesn’t have thousands of fans waiting expectantly for the next midnight release.  (I’m sure there will be plenty of rabid fans, but at least now we know the basics of who lives and who dies, so it’s not quite as urgent.)  This time around, she plans on taking her time with it.

She also said that if she gets “a fabulous idea,” there might be a new Harry Potter book in the future.  So it’s possible the franchise wasn’t as over as we’d all thought.  Of course there are already plenty of jokes around about how if we’re not careful we’ll end up with Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis, so hopefully she won’t overdo it.

What do you guys think?  Would you support a re-write?  Also, any speculation on what books it is she’s dissatisfied with?  Let us know in the comments!