‘Project X’ Movie Review

johnvalle March 14, 2012 0
‘Project X’ Movie Review
  • Cinematography
  • Casting
  • Plot
  • Comedy

Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Screenwriter: Matt Drake, Michael Bacall
Actors: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Brown, Kirby Blanton, Alexis Knapp
Cinematography: Ken Seng
Editing: Jeff Groth

 Project X is a film that can be considered in the same category as The Hangover (2009), along with its duo in 2011, and Superbad (2007). The similar story line with an outrageous night of a lifetime, the raw events that unfold during the fiasco, the larger-than-life triumph of friends, everything seemed to be in place for an enjoyable film. The trailer for Project X is a brilliant montage of pure epic proportions inviting any viewer to witness the story behind these events.

When I went to see the film, I honesty did not have too high of expectations based on the technical creativity of the film, however, in the world of comic expectations I went in highly hoping it to meet my standards. What unfolds in the next anarchic hour and a half is more of a riot than a party; in fact it actually is a riot.


In the peaks of adolescence, three high school teens decide to take their hormonal deprivations to a finale when they throw the party of a lifetime for their friend’s seventeenth birthday. This shindig is supposed to project the trio into popularity earning these misfits the social status of being cool and in astronomically high hopes, getting laid. With the parents gone for the weekend, the three blindly take the plunge into their endeavors allowing for the most memorable night of potentially a few thousand individual’s lives. Unlimited drinks, topless women, a midget in the oven, a gnome full of ecstasy tablets, a Mercedes getting driven into a pool, a crazed man wielding a flame thrower burning cars, a swat team breaking up the party, an actual riot, $ 100,000 worth of damage, everything to make a heroic party happen is here, jammed into just shy of an hour and a half.

The Bad:

The Theme:

The overall theme of the film was somewhat clichéd in the fact that it has occurred previously in many cases. For a fair portion of the time in the gut of the film, the reoccurring montage of events unfolding during the party becomes somewhat monotonous. I mean how many times can you show people dancing, throwing their drinks around, and conversing before the redundancy becomes annoying? This case of annoyance was teetering on the boundaries for myself. I found it to be a bit repetitive, yet it did not seem to bother me for too long.

The Characters:

The biggest issue I had with the film was the lack of originality in the characters themselves. They did not seem to connect amongst one another or to the audiences, such as the cast in The Hangover and Superbad managed to do. The trio consists of Thomas (Thomas Mann) who is the typical quiet student that manages to get the girl of his dreams, Costa (Oliver Cooper) who is the obnoxious self proclaimed ladies man, and the overweight third wheel JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown). The mundane characters are somewhat of a burden to the film, holding it back in one of the only ways to make this kind of a movie original from others alike. However, not terrible, I just expected more originality defined amongst these characters and was simply let down.

The Good:

Dax the Cameraman & the Cinematography

Along with the teen trio is a mysterious cameraman by the name of Dax, (Dax Flame) who reveals the day’s unholy antics through his artistic eye. The handheld feature of the camera to gain a raw shooting style was a good choice by the director, Nima Nourizadeh. Although it has been used in many cases for other films, I thought it was used incredibly well in Project X. Although most of the footage was from the handheld by Dax, it was clean and aesthetically well filmed. Unlike the uneasy feel from the jittery handheld camera choice found in The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Cloverfield (2008), this handheld technique was in every way brilliantly crafted. Aiding to the reality of this surreal world, the choice in shooting techniques is well accomplished allowing for a better connection between to the viewer and the film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, I must say I did enjoy Project X. It is not a great movie, however, it is a movie that will do its part in passing the time and enjoying the comic events that lie ahead. I hoped for more from the characters themselves. They were not bad, nor did they take much away from the film, I just wish they were more unique and made more of a connection with the viewer. In general, the ride of a lifetime occurs in the images on the reel for this film in a wonderful manner. This movie will make anyone want to go out and get lawless for the night; it seems to be the perfect pre-game. If you are looking for a humorous film to pass the time then Project X is for definitely for you.

‘Project X’ Movie Trailer