New Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence Thriller ‘House At the End of the Street’

Tj Weaver March 30, 2012 0
New Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence Thriller ‘House At the End of the Street’

It’s safe to say that Miss Jennifer Lawrence is on a high right now. With The Hunger Games dominating the box office currently, setting records worldwide, there’s no doubt she’s become a household name; if her Oscar nominated performance in Winter’s Bone and X-men: First Class haven’t given her that recognition, she certainly has it now.

Taking advantage of the Jennifer Lawrence frenzy, Relativity Media released the first trailer via MTV News for their Memento-styled thriller, House at the End of the Street, which also stars Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot, Gill Bellows and Nolan Funk.

The film tells the story of a mother (Shue) and daughter (Lawrence) who believe they’ve found the perfect house located in a quiet rural town. However, when the mother-daughter duo discover that the house next door has a pretty disturbing past of violence, everything gets turned backwards, and quite literally too. Come to find out, in the house a little girl murdered her parents in their bed, leaving only her brother alive to tell the story. Lawrence’s character gets a bit curious and becomes friends with the sole survivor, and that’s where shit starts getting freaky.

As far as the suspicious house on the corner/next door, it’s been done a million times over; however, House at the End of the Street has a little trick up its sleeve — parts of the film are shot backwards, which puts Memento in mind for a lot of people who watch the trailer. As of right now, no one knows for sure if the reverse shots will be included in the film, or if it’s just used to get people’s attention. Either way it’s a pretty neat idea. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts!

House at the End of the Street slams into theaters September 21st, 2012.

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