J.J. Abrams Gives A First Look at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ on Conan

Tj Weaver October 5, 2012 0
J.J. Abrams Gives A First Look at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ on Conan

2009′s Star Trek was what everyone needed in an excellent sci-fi. The cast was attractive and talented, the story was scientific, action packed, and full of suspense, and, all around, it was quite a surprise. Due to the film’s success, it’s only natural for  director J.J. Abrams to wet our appetites and give nerds and fans something to dissect and mull over.

The director appeared on Conan last night and gave viewers an exclusive look at his highly anticipated sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. You know, because he and Conan are great friends, and why else would he be on the show? Here’s the clip:

First Look at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Did you catch that? Perhaps you should play it again. Go ahead… Ok, you’re back. Mr. Abrams teased fans with three frames. Three frames! At least he warned us before hand. I actually find it quite funny that Paramount didn’t want him to show anything at all, and this is what they approved.

But in all fairness to Abrams and Paramount, this is a pretty sweet clip as it offers something we knew nothing about before hand. He could’ve been a dick and teased us with a three frame close up of Chris Pine’s face, but instead he opted for the handsome Zachary Quinto, not that you could see him. Spock is in a volcano, sporting space gear and a helmet as a huge fireball hurls toward him. At the very least this give Tumblr lovers a chance to create a neat GIF. Below is a frame provided by Cinemablend.

How much do we already know about Star Trek Into Darkness? Not much at all, actually. We know that much of the primary cast has signed on to return — Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Jon Cho, Bruce Greenwood, etc. We’re also aware that Benedict Cumberbatch (War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) has signed on to play a villain, but as to which villain, Paramount is keeping that information under wraps. If you’re looking for plot information, we may just have to wait till we receive our first trailer, which will hopefully be here before Christmas seeing that the film hits theaters May 17th, 2013!

And doesn’t it suck when the commercial placed before the footage is 10x’s longer than the clip itself?