‘Hitchcock’ Overload: New Trailer, Poster, Featurette & Photos!

Tj Weaver November 13, 2012 0
‘Hitchcock’ Overload: New Trailer, Poster, Featurette & Photos!

The year was 1960: a critical point not only in our nation’s history, but also the history of cinema. In short, the nation was in a state of evolution, and cinema happened to be one of the first mediums to reflect such rapid change. However, it was Alfred Hitchcock who pushed past the Production Codes’ rigid rules as he tackled images many would have considered taboo at the time.

Yesterday, Fox Searchlight’s promotion team hit the ground running with their second Oscar contender (the first being The Sessions); the company gave us another look into the Sacha Gervasi directed film with a new international trailer, which you can check out below:

‘Hitchcock’ International Trailer

Alfred & Alma

Psycho became one of Hollywood’s most memorable films; however, upon its premier, the psychological thriller failed to garner the iconicity many now associate with it. Though John J. McLaughlin’s script for Hitchcock will not explore the filmmaker’s life in its entirety, it will explore the vital relationship Hitchcock had with his wife and partner in crime, Alma Reville.

Married for 54 years, Alma was more than Hitchcock’s wife; she was his editor, his scriptwriter, his filmmaking collaborator. Together, they’d work on many of Hitchcock’s greatest projects. He would go on to be known as England’s best director: a man who mastered the techniques of suspense through the lens of a camera. And she stood prouder than ever, next to him; never yearning for the fame or proper recognition.

‘Hitchcock’ Featurette

Hitchcock is a love story that focuses on the film that tested the director’s filmmaking abilities and his relationship  to Alma. Gervasi was not interested in telling the story of the director’s liking to his blonde leads; he was not interested in presenting, what would be, another dust-collecting Hitchcock biopic. Instead, he chose to hone in on the woman in Hitchcock’s life who often fueled his passion. Alma was the timber that kept his fire alive. And now, thanks to Gervasi, we get to see just how it all played out:

“I always felt the core of HITCHCOCK had to be the love story between Alfred and Alma,” Gervasi comments. “They had this dynamic, complex, contradictory, beautiful, painful relationship that was not just a marriage but a real creative collaboration. I was really interested in how these two very strong-minded people lived with each other and created together and that brought a whole new perspective to the story of how PSYCHO was made. Without Alma at his side, Hitchcock would not have been as brilliant, or would not have pulled off PSYCHO.” [Source: We Are Movie Geeks]

The cast is one of much talent: Anthony Hopkins plays the legendary director, Helen Mirren plays Alma Reville, Scarlett Johansson plays the beautiful Janet Leigh, James D’Arcy plays Anthony Perkins, and Jessica Biel plays Vera Miles.

Directed by Sacha Gervasi, Hitchcock slams into theaters November 23rd, 2012.

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