Hathaway & Whishaw to Join Hemsworth in Spielberg’s Robopocalypse?

Tj Weaver September 25, 2012 1
Hathaway & Whishaw to Join Hemsworth in Spielberg’s Robopocalypse?

Let the Robots Rise!

You might as well coin this week as Robopocalypse week! Everyone’s talking about Steven Spielberg’s next project which isn’t even due out until April 25th, 2014. Robopocalypse has all the right ingredients — one of Hollywood’s top directors, Spielberg, one blonde ‘n burly Australian actor as the lead, Chris Hemsworth, a venturesome screenwriter, Drew Goddard, and producer Tom Rothman to back it all. Now the latest reports state that Anne Hathaway is in talks to star opposite Hemsworth, and the name “Ben Whishaw” sits high on Spielberg’s wish list. Things are looking good to say the least!

Adapted by Cabin in the Woods director and writer Drew Goddard, Robopocalypse is based on Daniel H. Wilson’s popular science fiction novel of the same title. The story is set in the near future, one where man has become dependent on robots. However, human life is threatened when the robots become sentient and are ordered to rebel and kill off the human race. Their leader? An artificial intelligence underneath Alaskan ice.

Cat Woman Meets Thor

Hathaway may be one of the smartest actresses in Hollywood. The woman knows exactly how to market herself. And whether or not her plan for success is going as expected, her transformation from comedic, girl-next-door to a sexy, talented, take-no-bull*** lead actress occurred at just the right time. With her portrayal as Fantine in Les Miserables and Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Risesshe’s put herself right in line with Hollywood’s best directors — Christopher Nolan, Tom Hooper.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hemsworth is currently in negotiations, and Hathaway is now in early talks to star as the female lead. We can only hope Hathaway accepts the role. If she does so, she’ll work with both DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox, as the two companies are indeed working alongside Spielberg to produce the film.

Ben Whishaw Tops Spielberg’s Wanted List

If you can’t stick a face to the name, no worries. In several months Ben Whishaw’s name will be everywhere. Spielberg wants Whishaw to play the role of Lurker, a hacker whose involvement proves essential to the human resistant movement. At this point, the actor isn’t even in talks for the film, but hearing that Spielberg would love to work with him is excited news.

You can catch Whishaw in not one, but two of the fall and winter season’s biggest films — Cloud Atlas and Skyfall. His previous roles include Ariel in Julie Taymor’s The Tempest and Sidney in Matthew Vaughn’s Layer Cake.

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