‘Hanna’ DVD Review: A Little Girl With Attitude

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‘Hanna’ DVD Review: A Little Girl With Attitude
  • Cast
  • Music
  • Costumes
  • Fight Scenes/Action
  • Sequel Potential
Director: Joe Wright
Producer: Barbara A. Hall
Writers: Seth Lochhead, and David Farr
Actors: Saorise Ronan, Cate Blanchett, and Eric Bana
Music: The Chemical Brothers
Cinematography: Alwin H. Kuchler
Editing: Paul Tothill

This movie is straight up badass. I can’t really emphasize how much I love this one. We meet a 16 year-old girl, who has been trained by her father, an ex-CIA agent, to be a skillful assassin. She ventures out onto her first mission and hits some snags along the way. Meeting up with a funny british family who aids her travels to the destination of her safe zone,  she gets there only to result in the ultimate battle with her target. It is an exhilarating two hours that will have you craving more of this little blondie’s hard hits and sharp shooting. Her introduction to society is rapid and she has to quickly adapt to her surroundings in order to carry out this long enduring mission.

The Great

The Cast

Saorise Ronan is Hanna, our hit girl who, as a pretty young blonde, kicks major butt in this suspenseful thriller. She plays opposite, Eric Bana, who you might recognize from 2009′s Star Trek. This father teaches his daughter the exact skill set she will need to fulfill the duty she was destined to do from very early in her life. Our villain, Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett), is the perfect woman to hate. With her ultimate goal to kill our heroine (if I can call her that?), we are taken on a thrill ride as different pieces are uncovered and other motives are brought to light.


The brilliant score was orchestrated by the british mellow electronica band The Chemical Brothers, whom I’ve been a long time fan of. This band had some of the anthems of my youth and created one of the greatest soundtracks I’ve ever downloaded. We are carried through the plot’s twists and turns with their amazing music for the fight scenes embedded with the exact notes to put you on edge when things are about to get interesting. This is one for the books, with no awards given I’m left wondering how under the radar this one was. I really hope to see more pair ups between bands and directors. Daft Punk in Tron was another notable member of this group and it wouldn’t hurt to add some more to the list.


Lucie Bates created the wonderful costumes for this epic flick. She starts off with the furry outfits of the great wild forests of Finland. Bates takes us through Hanna’s different stages of camouflage and makes it so believable and part of the storyline. Her eye is keen as she makes sure her presence is known in the film, with certain scenes emphasizing characters getting dressed, or deciding which shoes to wear.  We are given a glimpse of each person by the way they are dressed, and that is an element that is sometimes missed in several movies of this genre.

Fight Scenes/Action

Extraordinarily epic, with eye catching maneuvers performed by our Hanna, she delivers devastating blows with both her fists and her knees. She was certainly trained well and is an excellent shot.  Outlandishly fast, she gains the upper hand on her opponents and just puts them in their place. I watched the movie twice in a row if that tells you anything about how enjoyable this film truly is. With sparse stunt doubles on the credit roll, the actors had to go through a lot of training. Ronan talks about the rigorous training she went through in many interviews and stated that she had so much fun performing the stunts and working along side Bana for some of their hand-to-hand combat scenes.

The Potential for Sequel

With no news of a sequel I really am wishing that one will come out someday. This storyline has plenty of places to go at the end of this and it would be interesting to see someone take it there. The writers left some ends open that could use tying up which would more than account for a second film. While the major plot line is completely resolved there is certainly room for additions to this kickass story. Joe Wright, if you are reading this, please make another one! It would be magic!

Overall Rating: 5 stars out of 5

All in all this is a fast paced energized flick from the very first scene, and will have you hooked and wanting more. The intense fighting and high skills of all participants makes for an interesting ride that won’t leave you hanging. Joe Wright proved himself as more than just a dramatic romance director, and while his upcoming movie Anna Karenina is also part of that genre we can hope he will hop back on the thriller wagon and deliver another heart racing must-see.

‘Hanna’ Movie Trailer

    • TomasHunter

      Thanks for this excellent review, Katie! I watched Hanna
      last night. Things can get a little slow during my shift at DISH and last night
      was no exception. I went looking for something to pass the time at
      DISHOnline.com and found Hanna. I would probably give Hanna 4 out of 5 stars. The
      film was very well acted and the action sequences had a certain style to them
      that made them very enthralling. However, there were some plot holes and issues
      with pacing that made Hanna a near miss. I would welcome a sequel; perhaps to
      wrap up a few of those holes.