First Poster for ‘The Paperboy’ Starring Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman

Tj Weaver December 29, 2011 0
First Poster for ‘The Paperboy’ Starring Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman

What the fudgesicle sticks!? Who the hell imposed Zac Efron’s face on a 70′s styled poster for a film titled ‘The Paperboy’ starring Nicole Kidman, John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey!? 

Looks like Zac Efron’s growing up *tear*. Oh how I remember you singing and dancing your way on the basketball courts in High School Musical. ‘Bout time Efron, it only took you a million years! We know it’s not easy breaking out of the Disney image, but I must say, I think the guy’s done it this time. Could it be? Let’s hope Efron’s even done with the Disneyesque films such as 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud. Sure those films are in to way related to Disney, but they’re as close as you can get without jumping in the pool of sap.

When you’re starring in a film with three A-list actors, you know your going somewhere. I’m curious to see what The Paperboy has in store. It definitely doesn’t hurt to have director Lee Daniels attached. He did wonders in the hit film, Precious.

The Paperboy is based on a novel of the same name penned by Peter Dexter. McConaughey plays Ward James, a reporter who returns home to Florida in efforts to save a man on death row. Efron plays Jack James, McConaughey’s brother and sidekick. Efron’s character is also a cougar chaser; he has as an affair with Nicole Kidman’s character Charlotte Bless, who’s also a pen pal with the convicted killer, Hilary Van Wetter, played by John Cusack.

Directed by Lee Daniels, The Paperboy hits theaters everywhere next year (release date not set).