Evangeline Lily Talks ‘The Hobbit’ Talk

Michele October 6, 2011 0
Evangeline Lily Talks ‘The Hobbit’ Talk

Hi, my name is Michele and I am a Lord of the Rings addict. I’ve watched the movies more times that I can count, with and without commentary. I’ve watched the special features several times as well, especially all the interviews with the actors. It is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. Which is why I am beyond excited for the latest film from Middle Earth, The Hobbit.

It is very fortunate that Peter Jackson understands us LOTR fans and our need for more Tolkien folk. He’s been posting production blogs that give us just what we’re craving – a backstage pass to The Hobbit. It’s like getting to watch the special features before seeing the movie. The script and plot details are still being held close to the vest, although if you’ve read the book you’ve got the general idea.

One of my biggest worries is how they are going to deal with all the rumored cameos of Lord of the Rings characters that aren’t in the book. While I am going to love seeing Legolas again, I’m hoping that it makes sense with the story. The Lord of the Rings is the only series of films that, in my opinion, is better than the books. Hopefully they can continue that reputation.

While at the Real Steel premiere Evangeline Lilly got the chance to talk a little bit about The Hobbit. Her character is a new one, created by the screenwriters Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, and Fran Walsh. I give Lilly some props for showing due respect to the fans. We are certainly a scary bunch of nerds who will rip her to shreds if she isn’t up to snuff. So the fact that she acknowledges that her character is not apart of the original book and begs the forgiveness of the fans definitely give her some cool points. Lilly also speaks a little Elvish on the spot which is cool to hear. I definitely don’t agree with the interviewer’s assertion that fans of Lost and fans of Lord of the Rings are the same. At least, I’m hoping that’s not true after the series finale of Lost seriously pissed off a bunch of people (All of it was a dream… oh yeah… totally a good idea for ending a series… not). Here’s the interview if you want to see it for yourself:


The production blogs are available on the www.thehobbitblog.com if you want to check them out. I have to admit that seeing the set of Rivendell brought tears to my eyes. The first movie (it’s split into two) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to premiere December 14, 2012. I’m definitely counting down the days.

What do you think about Evangeline Lilly and other Lord of the Rings actors being in The Hobbit? Awesome or epic failure?