‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Trailer: No Yippee-ki-yay…

Michele October 5, 2012 0
‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Trailer: No Yippee-ki-yay…

On a list of the best action movies, Die Hard would be somewhere near the top. Bruce Willis plays the perfect hero, an average New York cop who can pull off great quotable lines along with some intense ass-kicking. Ever since the original in 1988, several have tried to bring back the magic. The latest attempt is called A Good Day to Die Hard, and it features Willis’s John McClane traveling to Russia to help his son Jack. It’s the fifth one down the line, and while Bruce Willis has proven that he can still make a good action movie (read my review for Looper here) I’m still a little unsure about this one. The last one, Live Free or Die Hard, was rated PG-13 which means that the most famous line from the original (Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker) had to be censored. And while I enjoyed all the crazy explosions and the fun moments between Justin Long and Willis, I don’t think it’s the same when Willis can’t use the official language of New York. We don’t yet know if this one is following suit, but you can get a larger audience if it has a lower rating – which probably means that this one will be toned down a bit too.

A Good Day to Die Hard is being directed by John Moore, and his other credits include Behind Enemy Lines and Max Payne. I haven’t seen either of these movies and, after reading the reviews for Max Payne, I probably never will. Moore is also responsible for the terrible re-make of The Omen, which is definitely another strike against him. Hopefully the power of John McClane will overcome his awful record. Bruce Willis is joined by relatively unknown Australian actor Jai Courtney, who will be playing his son Jack. After seeing Looper, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the perfect double for Bruce Willis, it’s important to note that they look enough alike to sort of seem like father and son (check out the picture above). Mary Elizabeth Winstead (from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) is coming back as John McClane’s daughter, Lucy. But the trailer doesn’t actually show us any of these things, instead focusing on the one thing that will bring people to the theaters – the action. Here’s the teaser so you can see for yourself:

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Trailer

Well that looks… interesting. One thing that kind of make me mad is the attention that is paid on some woman unzipping her top in the middle of the trailer. Is there a reason that needs to be such a big part of the advertising? Is the main focus of the movie going to be showing a woman’s bra? I was kind of hoping for some great one-liners and a look at the father/son relationship, but instead I got “woman taking off leather jacket to reveal she’s not wearing a shirt”. At least the explosions look cool. And that last line about John McClane being the “007 of Plainfield, New Jersey” is awesome. Hopefully it means more yippee-ki-yay to come.

What do you think about the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard? Are you excited to see it on February 14th, 2013? It’s certainly a better Valentine’s Day date than watching the movie Valentine’s Day…. : )