5 Best Kept Secrets on Netflix

katieholland June 14, 2012 4
5 Best Kept Secrets on Netflix

Netflix’s Hidden Gems

With the ever growing popularity of streaming videos online, Netflix has become the most common medium by which we watch our movies and TV shows. Everyone recognizes that bright red screen, and everyone has their favorites stored on their Instant Queue. But, we all hit a wall when we are convinced there is nothing good on there that you haven’t seen. Well, in the deep reaches and the farthest corners of this amazing website, we can find treasures that haven’t been discovered. Netflix has one of the best collections of random B-list, even C-list movies and television series, along with a fantastic selection of independent flicks that most people never get the pleasure to enjoy. These are just a few of the hidden gems I’ve found along my journey through Netflix.

5. ‘Russell Brand In New York City’

Too many people hate on Russell Brand. I will admit I wasn’t a huge fan of him before I saw this standup. I thought he was way too over the top, and pretty annoying. But this, this changed it all. He is absolutely hilarious, and makes fun of himself so you don’t have to. Making jokes about celebrities that we all hate, and proving (at least to me) that he has a place in comedy. I can watch this short Comedy Central special over and over, and still laugh just as hard as the first time I saw it. Brand comments on his awkward MTV Awards hosting gig, his ridiculous hair, and even addresses some of his haters. This is 42 minutes you can definitely spare, for some gut busting NSFW comedy.

4. ‘FlashForward’

In 2009 ABC came out with FlashForward, a series about the whole world’s population suffering from a simultaneous blackout. The world is in complete mayhem: disastrous car accidents occur, planes have fallen out of the sky, and many patients undergoing surgery have died all because of this unexplainable loss of consciousness. We discover that everyone saw a glimpse of the future, and after some investigation, they all saw the same day — April 29th, 2010. It is up to the FBI to figure out what happened, who caused the blackouts, and to stop what everyone saw from happening. Only having lasted one season I was flabbergasted at how amazing it was. Don’t let the short lifetime of it scare you away, it will have you on the edge of your sofa every episode.

3. ‘Six Degrees of Separation’

Two words; Will Smith. I was introduced to this lovely movie only this past semester in a drama class I took. We read the John Guare play of the same title and watched a couple clips in class. This is a story of deceit that will have you questioning people and analyzing everything they do to make sure they aren’t being false. Paul Portier (Smith) shows up at Ouisa and Flan’s door saying he is a friend of their kids from college and that he was mugged. They take him in no questions asked. He cooks for them and tells him the story of his thesis paper that was stolen in the mugging. He charms them, and they send him off.  Then things get a little weird when their children hear about this… I won’t give anything away. But this is a must see.

2. ‘Doctor Who’

A BBC sci-fi show originally made in the ’60s was given a facelift in 2005 and came back with all new tales of The Doctor, a mysterious Time Lord who travels through time in his space ship/Police Box that looks like it belongs in an antique shop. Christopher Eccleston plays the Ninth Doctor, whose job it is to stop wars, genocides, and any other horrible thing going on, but not just on our planet; he takes care of the entire universe and deals with every species out there. It’s almost chintzy-like effects and splendid British accents had me hooked from the very first episode.With six full seasons to watch, it’s been keeping me busy. You will not regret adding this to your Queue.

1. Boy Wonder

I have my friend Mitch to thank for this phenomenal film. This is the unbelievable tale of a boy who witnessed his mother’s murder and vows to spend his life finding her killer. Leading a double life, straight-A wallflower by day, vigilante crime fighter by night.Within the first 3 minutes of the movie you will be hooked. It’s fast paced and doesn’t leave you wondering whats going on for very long. We follow the main character through his daily routine as his world suddenly starts to get more interesting than it already is.  Keeping you glued to the action, I can’t see this movie being anything but number one on this list. It really makes you ask the question “what kind of hero you are looking for?”


What are some of your little known wonders on Netflix? Do you have a personal favorite film that you think should receive more attention from Netflix users? If so let us know what it is in the comments below.

    • Jessicalewis

      everyone should watch it, then we can rally together to bring it back!

      • StephenBranson

        FlashForward was awesome! It sucks it was cancelled. It was obvious the writers had a direction they wanted to take the show; that was evident in the detail they put into the second Flash Forward. I hope they bring it back in 2015 (the date that was shown in the second Global Black Out). I really want them to have a chance to finish the story.

    • Alex Sewell

      Love these choices! Looking forward to all of them. 

    • antikrunk

      Stakeland, Get the Gringo, Machine Gun Preacher, Luther.